SHVPES: 10 Songs That Influenced Our Debut Album

Birmingham rockers SHVPES are one of the UK’s fastest growing metal bands. Their debut album Pain Joy Ecstasy Despair is due for release on 14 October, so we got lead vocalist Griffin Dickinson to make us a playlist of songs that influenced the LP, and tell us a bit about them. Enjoy!

Limp Bizkit – “The One”

I love this band. They influenced the way I breathe. There’re far too many tracks by LB I could say influenced our album, but this one, I feel, doesn’t get the recognition it deserves.

Architects – “C.A.N.C.E.R”

In my humble opinion, this album is one of the all time metal greats. The way this song’s opening riff is translated into the middle 8 still blows my mind. Every instrument is outstanding in its own right – I don’t think you can write a modern metal album and not appreciate this band!

Kendrick Lamar – “Untitled 02”

This album just dropped out of nowhere while we were in the studio, so we had it on for 3 days straight. Lyrically, I find Kendrick quite hard to understand sometimes, but his flow is always impeccable. Occasionally he’ll say something that blows my mind & his lyrics have the power to open up an entire train of thought. He’s in a world of his own when it comes to rapping. In this track, he has a pretty abstract delivery which is something that influenced certain, more comical vocal lines on the album, such as the “Update Update” in ‘False Teeth’.

Letlive – “Banshee (Ghost Fame)”

The emotional delivery of Jason Butler is something I’ve always admired. If I’m ever looking for phrasing/ tonal delivery inspiration, Letlive are the perfect source.

The Dave Brubeck Quartet – “Take Five”

After 8 hours in the studio, screaming down a mic, absolutely knackered, grab yourself a Rum on rocks & chuck on some late night jazz. That sax feeds the soul.

Saliva – “Your Disease”

Mix big drums, catchy rap vocals, cheesy American pie choruses, one bar chords, shit lyrics & throw in some a bit of southern influence and you’ve got yourself some party tunes. I never want to go full blown, gob dribbling Saliva… But a dash here and there never hurt anyone.

One Day as a Lion – “Wild International”

When I’m coming up with riffs, I always gravitate towards the more unorthodox notes, those grimey, dirty notes that just catch you off guard and make you want to throw a cheeky elbow. Zac de la Rocha’s flow combined with raw drum tone & heavy synth on this EP do exactly that.

Lamb of God – “Ghost Walking”

Quite simply LOG are the riff fuckin masters. Chris Adler is also probably my favourite metal drummer, along with about 3 others… Anyway, If we created a part in the studio that called for some serious riff/ groove ideas, this was the perfect inspiration.

City & Colour – “Two Coins”

The man has the voice of an angel, perfect inspiration for vocal ideas on lighter parts of the album… The way I explained my lighter vocal ideas to our producer always started with “I’m a get my Dallas Green on…”

Stray From The Path – “First World Problem Child”

I only discovered this band shortly before we went into the studio, but they hold a lot of the qualities I envisioned for our debut. The hip hop/ RATM influence on Stray From the Path is very evident, but they still have their own sound; something that I wanted to try and emulate. This song has so much anger, but delivers it with a smile – it was a heavy influence on the track ‘False Teeth’. Sam Carter’s feature totally steps up the song for me & that groove that comes in at the end could make me drop kick a baby while grocery shopping.

Catch SHVPES on tour in the UK next month. Tickets available at www.ticketweb.co.uk/SHVPES
Make sure you pre-order a copy of their new album alongside your tickets!

Listen to the full playlist on Spotify below.

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