Rinse: Todd Terje Live & more @ Ministry of Sound Review

After an absolutely monstrous 20th birthday celebration last October, Rinse FM were back on the hallowed dancefloors of Ministry of Sound for arguably one of the biggest nights of 2015 – at the tail end of February. Why such a big deal you ask? Aside from a phenomenal supporting line-up that featured Rinse mainstays XXXY alongside Dutch Techno producer Legowelt and Bristolian House duo Waifs & Strays, amongst other massive names, Norwegian disco deity Todd Terje graced the DJ booth for one of his fabled live sets.

Ministry of Sound itself is an impressive club alone. With a fairly recent make-over, despite being open for twenty three years,  Ministry still feels as fresh as it did when it opened its doors. With five main areas – the Bar, The Baby Box, the VIP, the Loft and The Box – it’s nigh on impossible not to find a room that you’re not going to absolutely lose yourself in. The Box is the main room and comprises of an award-winning sound system, sprung flooring to make dancing all night less of a chore on your feet and one of the most impressive lighting systems we’ve seen in a club for a long time.


Back to the night! Casino Times kicked things off in 103 and got the early birds warmed up and eased in nicely. After splitting our time between South London Ordnance in the main room, Waifs & Strays in 103 (main bar) and the seriously snazzy VIP area upstairs, it was finally time for Todd. As South London Ordnance closed his set, the main room swelled with even more people and Todd was welcomed on to the stage with a chorus of cheers.


Opening with his Hot Chip remix, we were treated to a continuous live set that featured some of his most known tracks – Lanzarote, Delorean Dynamite, Oh Joy, Strandbar – spliced with his infamous edits. Whether you’d like to admit or not, everyone was waiting for Inspector Norse, undeniably his most successful tune and soundtrack to probably every festival since its release, and it was as emotional as you’d expect at nearly 4am. As the crowd roared and everybody lost it, we’re pretty sure we saw a few tears roll down cheeks as it seemed everyone had joined in a mass embrace. We’re not trying to exaggerate, but we can’t remember the last time we saw a crowd that was punctuated with that many smiles and breakdowns that were welcomed with such loud cheers.


As Inspector Norse played out, Terje closed his set with a mash-up of 2005’s Eurodans with Whitney Houston’s I Wanna Dance With Somebody. Another roaring applause came in from the crowd, before Legowelt stepped up to the plate to take things into the late AM. With a mellower set than usual, no doubt owing to his following of Todd, Legowelt kept those who still wanted to dance moving along nicely. We, however, were lightweights, and after a short while, it was time for us to head to bed. Luckily, for those who weren’t quite ready to leave, the club was open until 7AM!


Fancy heading down to Ministry of Sound and checking out the club for yourself? You can get tickets to all their upcoming dates HERE.


All photos by Laurence Howe

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