Red Bull Music Academy UK Tour

Roll up roll up, the Red Bull Music Academy is bringing some funky events, trendy workshops and banging parties to the UK this October. Get in!

Between an influx of high profile visual and concept albums, alarmingly accurate algorithms suggesting your new favourite songs, concert tickets being sold through Snapchat and the prospect of watching music festivals through virtual reality, it’s safe to say that modern day music is moving fast.

So fast in fact that a little bit of assistance is required to guide the punter through the overwhelming onslaught of “new” and “recommended” stuff and to scout and help out fresh talent, so that the best stuff breaks through the crowd and real fans can see the artists who have influenced them, creating memorable experiences.

Enter Red Bull Music Academy, they are doing just that and what better way to contribute to the positive side of the music industry than by throwing parties and bringing artists closer to their genuine fans?


Contrary to what some people may believe; Red Bull aren’t just throwing their logo on a stage at music festivals in an attempt to persuade consumers to buy their product. Red Bull’s relationship with music (especially new music) runs so much deeper than that. They have associated their brand with cutting edge artists and high-quality music creation and development. Yes, the cool branded stages at all the best festivals has contributed to this brand association but it’s how they have expanded on these basic point-of-sale activations going back over 15 years that has led to their now symbiotic relationship with music as a whole.

The Red Bull Music Academy is famous for putting on its own festivals and hosting workshops with some of the music industry’s most current and influential people. Red Bull’s international presence has massively contributed to the success of the academy, the brand have discovered awesome music in multiple countries and have fostered the growth of some emerging artists and exposed it all on a global stage. What they’re doing is kick-ass and we are just delighted to be involved in the ride.


This 40 second video will get you hyped for the impending barrage of good times and educational opportunities:

Embodying Red Bull Music Academy’s ethos of musical celebration and education, the Red Bull Music Academy UK Tour is series of mini-festivals happening in Liverpool, Glasgow, London and Leeds over four consecutive weekends in October. Each weekend offers a diverse selection of one-off shows, lectures, installations, broadcasts and musical workshops showcasing global talent and local legends.


There are amazing talks, alternative gigs, awesome workshops and pumping parties out the wazoo. The program shines a light on vital artists and movements from music’s past, present and future across genres as diverse as Hip Hop, Grime, Soul, House, Techno, Garage and ElectroFeatured headline events include lectures from:

Dizzee Rascal

Krept & Konan

Young Fathers

There’s a coin operated laundrette takeover with Jackmaster; DJ Harvey’s return to Leeds after a hiatus of 25 years; a headline slot for Detroit’s Moodymann with a light show to match; Grime showcases marshalled by scene heavyweights Slimzee and D Double E; and workshops with studio experts such as MumdanceGorgon City and Shura. There will also be a host of club nights and live performances from the likes of AbraAJ Tracey and Jay Prince as well Dizzee Rascal performing Boy In Da Corner in full in London for the very first time.

Why wouldn’t you want to get involved? Click HERE to see Ticketweb’s one stop shop for all of Red Bull’s events.

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