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We chatted to Texas punk trio, Purple, just moments after their in-store at Kingston’s very own Banquet Records. Taylor (guitar/vocals), Hanna (drums/vocals) and Joe (bass guitar) were fresh off the tour bus, having driven over from Paris, where they’d played the night before. We hung-out with them to mull over the perils of the in-store gig, the quest for good Mexican food on British shores, some questionable gig attendance-history and (premature) Christmas lists…

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TicketWeb: What’s it been like playing at Banquet Records today?

Taylor: This is actually our first ever in-store. It’s a little different to a normal gig, it’s a store you know?! It was really loud!

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TicketWeb: Any records caught your eye?

Taylor: Oh yeah! There’s a Bonobo record over there. It’s got one-offs and remixes that I’ve never seen before, I’m gonna try and snap it up. There’s some disco-reggae over here too. (Laughs) I’m gonna try and do that too.

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TicketWeb: Your album just came out in the UK this week, how did it feel when you first caught sight of the finished product?

Taylor: It’s pretty cool, it’s a proper release. It’our first in either the UK or the states so it’s pretty cool to see it here today.

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TicketWeb: You’ve been to the UK a couple of times now, is there anything about our fair isle or the Brits themselves that always strikes you as weird?

Taylor: Yeah, we came here back in May. Did about 3 shows. Met up with a bunch of labels and PIAS signed us. They’re really cool guys, always coming to our shows.There’s only one thing about the UK…there’s no good Mexican food over here. That’s the main thing. Everything else is great.

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Joe: Also there’s not really a good supply of Bourbon here. But we’ve been converted over to Scotch recently.

(Hannah whips out a bottle of JD – queue all round LOLs)

Joe: Hannah finds a way, to get her bourbon, one way or the other.

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TicketWeb: You’ve gotta do it! Okay, let’s dig into your gig history, what was the first gig each of you ever saw?

Taylor: The first gig I ever went to was… Green Day when I was about 13, I think.

Joe: Mine was this band called eddy from back in America, I was 13 years old too.

Hannah: (said sheepishly) The first show I went was Nickleback. (queue further laughing from Taylor & Joe).

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TicketWeb: Okay maybe you can redeem yourself, what as the last gig you saw?

Hannah: Erm…Devin The Dude!

Taylor: Yeah Devin The Dude – I was with her!

Joe: I guess technically we went to this band called Spookyland from Australia. It was over here actually. It was meant to be at this one club in Piccadilly that got flooded out so they moved it down the road to this crazy gay club called SL or something like that. Very strange.

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TicketWeb: Christmas is going to be here before we know it, what’s on your lists?

Joe: Socks, always socks. I’m not spending my own money on socks.

Taylor: Christmas parties really.  We’re gonna be doing our own Christmas party in our home town. Tacky sweater and underwear party.

TicketWeb: Wow, let’s leave it there. Happy Christmas indeed!

Thanks to Purple, PIAS, Banquet Records and Kana Waiwaiku for the pics.

Check out Purple’s upcoming shows right HERE!

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