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Prides have become the talk of the TicketWeb office. We’ve seen them literally pack a venue to the rafters at The Great Escape and do a terrifyingly good job of supporting Foxes during her last tour. So we wanted to get to know them better and we think you could benefit from it too. We pinged singer Stuart some questions, he conferred with  fellow band-mates Lewis & Calum & fired back the below. Investigative interview of the century, we reckon.

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TicketWeb: Where are you right now? Can you take a picture of the whole band or where ever you are?

Prides: We’re in the van! I would take a photo but it is very dark and we’re post-gig, which means sweaty and bedraggled. (TicketWeb: We’ve found a more glamorous shot of the lads in the van).

prides van inside

It doesn’t always work though…

prides van

TicketWeb: You’ve been on tour with Foxes recently. Which one track do you insist was included on your tour-bus mixtape?
Prides: We’ve been working on our own pre-set playlist, which is pretty banging, but absolutely incomplete without Lady GaGa.

TicketWeb: Your video for Messiah features 2 priests letting their hair down (watch it below) – ever thought of joining the clergy?

Prides: Absolutely not. Unfortunately were all too fond of sinning for that.

TicketWeb: What are you most proud of?

Prides: It’s a lovely feeling when people appreciate the music that you’ve made. It definitely gives a little justification to what we’re doing. I would say that.

TicketWeb: What are you least proud of?

Prides: There are far too many things!

TicketWeb: Our Jon wants to get your EP cover tattooed onto his back – do you have the name of the genius responsible for the artwork?

Prides: It’s a design done by the wonderful StudioJuice. And he should definitely get it tattooed! Free guesties for life!

prides ep cover

TicketWeb: First Gig you ever went to?

Prides: I went to see a Queen tribute band and it blew my mind. First proper gig (unsupervised) was Stereophonics and Ash at Donnington Park. Not so mind blowing in hindsight.

TicketWeb: Last gig you went to (apart from your own)?

Prides: Justin Timberlake in Manchester. Second time I’ve seen him and I LOVE HIM.

TicketWeb: If you could have anyone DJ the party at Club NME who would it be?

Prides: Justin Timberlake? Nah, it would have to be Duke Dumont. Much love.

TicketWeb: Your blog contains shows of Pringles…

prides pringles



prides hot-dog

…& Cherry Tomatoes

prides tomatoes

– is that the strict Prides diet?

Prides: No, there’s plenty coffee too.

TicketWeb: Please finish this sentence in whichever way you choose “This time next year Rodney, we’ll be…”

Prides: … Taking over the world.

only fools and horses

TicketWeb: You’ve covered Ellie Goulding and Katy Perry – who’s next?

Prides: Well we’ve done a few newer covers of Haim, Foxes and Banks. It’s really whoever has a track we feel we connect with, although looking at this list I reckon it’s a safe bet to say it’ll be a woman!

TicketWeb: Band member most likely to… beat the others in a 60 yard sprint.

Prides: We have a strictly ‘no run’ policy. Safety first.

TicketWeb: band member most likely to…forget their instrument.

Prides: Mine is in my throat, so I guess me!

TicketWeb: band member most likely to… write a love letter.

Prides: As the lyricist I’d have to say me again, in fact there are already a few in existence, they just have a melody attached.

prides waving with legs


TicketWeb: Cheers Prides!

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