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Yung Heazy made this playlist just for you...

What do you do next after your debut track accidentally becomes a viral sensation? That was the question mark hanging over Yung Heazy after his tune “Cuz You’re My Girl,” originally written as a Valentine’s Day present for his girlfriend and uploaded under a joke name amassed a ludicrous amount of streams on Soundcloud.  

The answer? Well the one-man dream-pop maker decided to roll with it and released a cracker of an LP, When You’re Around I Hate Everything Less this summer. The Canadian one-man-music-machine, real name Jordan Heany comes to London’s Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen on Monday 24 September to play songs from the record for his growing number of UK fans for the first time. Tickets are in limited supply and on sale now! 

To celebrate the show, we asked the man himself to create us a playlist of tunes that inspire him, and tell us a bit about each one. Enjoy! 

One Lung – “Goddamn!” 

Dudeman, do yourself a favour and get this earworm in your prismdome. 

bruce take nap – “summer sex” 

Very chill and weird and relatable. 

Winona Forever – “Smoothie” 

Let these young bloods keep you warm in your darkest hour. 

Mouth Breather – “Shrug” 

I didn’t know I needed Mouth Breather in my life until it was too late. 

Bowl Frizell – “Something Seems Off” 

This is one of the best songs ever written off all time. Bowl is GOAT. 

Rex Orange County – “Sycamore Girl” 

Big mood on this, prepare to feel. 

The Prettys – “Nothings Wrong (With Me)” 

This is such an infectious song. I sing it to myself all the time. 

Her’s – “Medieval” 

My friend Jack showed me this song and I think it’s dope. 

Yellow Days – “A Little While” 

This song is just an instant classic, you can feel the world crashing down on you with every chorus. 

Yung Heazy plays Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen in London on Monday 24 September. Tickets on sale now @ 

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