Playlist: The Veils Pre-Tour Soundtrack

For those of you who don’t know about London-based quintet The Veils, they’re a bloody brilliant alternative rock band. Frontman Finn Andrews filled us in on the band’s pre-tour playlist. He’s even gone and provided the reasoning behind each choice, fair play Finn! Check out the tracks below:

Slim Ali & The Famous Hodi Boys – Watoto Nyara

I’ve been listening to a lot of stuff from the mighty Soundway Records lately, this song is off a compilation called Kenya Special that has some incredible stuff on it. The stuttering rhythm section on this is so exciting.

Huerco S. – A Sea Of Love

We’ve been rehearsing a lot for our upcoming tour, and as somewhat of an antidote to hours of loud music I’ve been listening to a lot of ambient music in my spare time. I’m really taken by this whole record by Huerco S. There is a patience that is required when listening to ambient music that really is the antithesis of how we are encouraged to consume music these days. We struggle to listen to one 3 minute song without distraction let alone a 50 minute album in its entirety. Anyway, this song really takes you somewhere beautiful. I recommend listening on the night train.

Snatch & The Poontangs – Two Time Slim

I don’t know where this song has been all my life – my friend Wilder played it to me while we were recording our new record.

Wow. Just wow.

DJ Shadow & Run The Jewels

One of the best collaborations I’ve heard in years – this video is crazy good too. We worked with El-P a lot on our new record and it’s great hearing him let loose on this. One of the funniest opening lines of a song ever…

Low – What Part of Me

Low have been a firm Veils favourite for many years now. Soph and I used to listen to them constantly in our respective bedrooms at high school, and it was one of the great adolescent loves that has survived.

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