Playlist: VC Pines

A selection of current/classic tunes curated by the exciting new artist VC Pines.

Jack Mercer is the man behind alt-soul project VC Pines. The singer-songwriter caught the attention of BBC Radio with some stellar releases last year. He kicked off 2019 with his stunning new single Vixen – check out this incredible live performance of the track, where VC Pines is backed by his trusty seven-piece band:

VC Pines put together a playlist for us ahead of his headline London show in April and the release of his debut EP Indigo on 22 March.

Top lad! Take it away VC Pines;

Most of these tunes are some currents favs from my Autumn/Winter 18 playlist plus some personal classics! 

XTC – Making plans for Nigel. 

I grew up on a mix of soul/motown and Punk tunes from CD’s I’d acquired from my dad. So yeah, this tune will always remind me of him and the two of us singing the “oooh” backing vocals in the verse.

Ezra Collective – Pure Shade, (from the – We Out Here – album)

The whole tune’s a banger, the Ezra Collective holds some amazing players, but for me the outro that starts at 4:00 is a moment of magic. The song completely opens up into a glorious light. Don’t skip to then though, you have to listen to the whole tune obvs. 

Krazy World – King Geedorah 

Just a hip-hop tune I came across a while ago, the sample is magic though. I love the thrown together, raw production. It’s like he heard his own ideas in his head and that was enough to just put this together and put it out… sick. 

Shintaro Sakamoto – Don’t Know What’s Normal

I’ve gotten into music from around the world recently. Especially as everything’s so controlled in the UK music industry and came across this dude. He only makes bangers, but this one’s my fav. 

Talking Heads – Born Under Punches

Another one for similar reasons as the first tune, but this is my favourite talking heads album and it starts with my favourite tune of theirs! Stick this on the moment you wake up and you’re having a good day.

VC Pines is playing The Lexington in London on 03 April. Grab your tickets at ticketweb.uk

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