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Read on for ShaoDow's Rap-heavy motivational playlist ...

UK rapper and real-life ninja ShaoDow is about to embark on his 3 x date Hard Work & Nunchucks tour.

You might know him as a serious contender on ITV’s Ninja Warrior, but ShaoDow is also one of the best emerging artists to come from the UK’s Hip Hop and Grime scene.  Check out ShaoDow’s epic 1Xtra Fire in the Booth here for a taste: 

TicketWeb talked to ShaoDow ahead of the tour to find out what tracks get him pumped, ready for a massive gig or even the toughest assault course!

Take it away ShaoDow ….

3 Wheel-ups – Kano ft. Giggs 

A perfect way to get them from 0 to 3000 in a few seconds. 3 Wheel-ups is a very dope track. Personally I prefer the version with Wiley on it, but unfortunately, there’s no music video for that.

Bring Them All/ Holy Grime – Wiley ft. Devlin

Speaking of Wiley, I remember the first time I heard this song. I almost picked up my speaker and smashed it against the wall. Absolutely insane track and one of my favourites for getting energetic.

So Dope – Tech N9ne ft. Wrekonize, Twisted Insane & Snow Tha Product 

One of my favourite artists in the world and a major inspiration for my music career, the bass on this track is next level. Definitely helps me get into that ‘destroy the stage’ frame of mind.

Kaio-Ken – ShaoDow 

Obviously, I’m a fan of my own music too and if you can lip read you’ll know that I actually shouted Kaio-Ken just before I beat the wall on ITV’s Ninja Warrior UK. Well turns out I have a habit of shouting Kaio-Ken quite a bit, enough that I made it into a song. 

Weight Of The World – Evanescence 

I listen to a lot of different style of music, Evanescence are one of my favourite bands and this is one of my favourite songs from them. The way the drummer slaps about his equipment always reminds me that I want to do a tour with a rock band one day.

Down With The Sickness – Disturbed

Another of my favourite songs, from another of my favourite bands. This works as my pre-show amp up track AND my lift all the weights in the gym track. Just sick. 

Ante Up – M.O.P

Ok, I’m getting hyped just listening to this song in my house. Just before a show, well I might start flying. Best to move all breakable objects away from me if this song is on.

Goonie Flow – Zuby

One of my favourite songs from my good friend and rapper Zuby, he’s actually performing at the Norwich date of my tour.

I Don’t Die – Joyner Lucas & Chris Brown

Heard this recently and loved both the video and song, Joyner Lucas is an incredible lyricist and Chris Brown went in too. Just a really good song to get in the zone to.

Know My Ting – Ghetts ft. Shakka 

I’m also a big Ghetts fan and this one is too awesome to ignore.

#DropKickMan – ShaoDow 

Because I’m a narcissist, because I love this song and because when I run up on the stage, I dropkick man. 

ShaoDow’s Hard work & Nunchucks tour with shows in Norwich, London and Derby kicks off next week. Grab the last remaining tickets here: ticketweb.co.uk/shaodow

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