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We love a bit of Prides here at TicketWeb. They’re hitting the road next week so we asked the fellas if they’d share with us what they listen to in the dressing room to get fired up for a show. Below is what they came back with… Enjoy! 


“Our pre-gig playlist. It’s all about warming up, getting some limbs moving, some blood pumping, some voices lifted.”

Francis & The Lights – See Her Out 

Listen to that synth. If this song doesn’t immediately make you lift your fist into the air then you don’t deserve fists. Or air. Plus the video. Plus the mad arpeggiated outro. God it’s awesome.

Peter Gabriel – Sledgehammer

A classic, from my favourite album of all time. It’s just an awesome romping soul/blues jam, plus it’s got pan pipes, what’s not to love. PG is the absolute boy.

Sigrid – Don’t Kill My Vibe

Because it’s like, ‘don’t kill my vibe mate, we’re just about to play a gig’. Also just an awesome tune. This is on heavy rotation with us. That voice.

Ryan Adams – Do You Still Love Me?

We’re so in love with Ryan, this is such a bold moment on his new record; So Springsteen, so widescreen.

Vistas – Medicine

An ace new band from Scotland, this is such a belter of a tune, we’re big fans.

MUNA – I Know A Place 

One of the most exciting bands around, I love the atmosphere, the sentiment. It’s beautiful and dark and poetic and it makes me want to sing and dance and put it on repeat.

Brandon Flowers – Dreams Come True

Just immediately throws you into that glorious Brandon Flowers world where you can make stupid musical choices and still get away with it. Best line; ‘don’t go shooting all your dogs now, just cause one’s got fleas’. 

Krrum – Hard On You

I still can’t get enough of this tune. It’s my anthem on Tinder. Fact.

The Waterboys – Whole of the Moon

The greatest sing along of ALL FUCKING TIME. If I could only listen to one song for the rest of my life it might well be this. It’s glorious. It makes you feel like a better person just for hearing it. If you want to feel like you can conquer the world, get this in your ears.

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Listen to the full playlist below.

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