Playlist: Peking Duk’s Top 10 Travel Tunes

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Australian electronic production duo and professional party starters Peking Duk have made us a playlist. Adam and Reuben do so much travelling we thought they’d have some good recommendations to soundtrack long journeys. Read on for some stellar song suggestions and the reasons why you should download them for your next trip.

Peking Duk are touring Europe this September scroll to the bottom to get tickets to the shows in England and Ireland.


When you’re travelling it all gets hectic with the lack of sleep, hangovers and constant noise going on. You need to find moments to escape and I find when on a plane or in a van en route to the next show, these songs, in particular, take me to a happy place. Listening to these on (preferably noise-cancelling) headphones will take you away.

Your Silent Face – New Order

I first listened to this properly whilst sitting in the back of a sprinter van driving out of new york onward to the next city. We were crossing a bridge and as I looked over the water and heard those synths, something in me felt like I was starting a new chapter and as if I’d left some dark shit behind and now got up and got on my way forward to bigger and brighter things. In a way all of that was true but without this song, I don’t think I would’ve had that epiphany…. and as corny as that all sounds this song filled me with joy in a way I’d never felt before.

Summer Rave – Cloud Control

I recall sitting on a plane on no sleep, still very intoxicated and excited from the night/mornings shenanigans after a big festival in Australia… I sat down and the anxiety that the real world was around the corner started creeping in and I started feeling hungover and tired, dreading whatever responsibility lay ahead. I put on my headphones and landed on this song on my playlist and gave it a proper listen for the first time. I turned it up to almost full volume and melted into the chair with the biggest smile I’ve ever felt. This song captures that feeling of getting carried away on a night with your friends and the morning after yet making it all feel completely ok. It’s a warm hug that I’ll never forget. 

In Transit – Albert Hammond Jr.

This song just feels like freedom. Like you’ve said goodbye to all the bullshit and decided to start living with a smile on your face. It’s ironic it’s called “In Transit” as any time I’m travelling I’ll always put this on and it will put me in a good mood. Shout out Alby Hammo Jr. for holding it down on this one. Stunning tune.

Levitation – Beach House

If you’re tired and in transit sitting down, I dare you to put this song on and stay awake for more than 2 minutes… it’s impossible. This song feels like it hypnotises you into the calmest mind state followed by drifting you off to the best sleep you’ve ever had. This whole album “depression cherry” is a must-have for any plane/car ride. Amazing from the rip to the dip.

Nothing’s Gonna Hurt You Baby – Cigarettes after sex

I first heard this song on a trip from Indonesia to Sweden and immediately was in awe. It sounded like Mazzy Star but with way more hope and a light warmth to it that made you smile and cry at the same time. It became the anthem for the whole trip. After one beer was consumed this song would come on…. First thing in the morning in the house we were sharing in stockholm – this song would come on. It was a go to for immediately changing our moods for the better. A song like this is one in a million. 


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Blue States – Season Song

This song can give endless nostalgia even on first listen. Do what needs to be done and add it to ur travel playlist ASAP. it really hit me as we were departing Niagara Falls after 5 incredible days roaming around the city of Toronto. Immediately I felt the urge to reflect on each experience in Toronto; the summery afternoon drinks round Kensington markets, the provocative banksy exhibition near ‘Drake commissary’, the wet falls of Niagara, and the raucous show we played on Queen St. The song’s ability to sum up recent experiences is phenomenal.

The Voidz – Pointlessness

An instant classic. This song is a bit of a journey, and when you’re on a plane, you’re on a journey yourself. Why not share one journey with another? Will have to admit the whole album Virtue by The Voidz is an amazing way to keep the flight exciting. So many twists and turns and unexpected moments. 

Toro y Moi – So Many Details

Beautiful song, incredibly written, awesomely produced. Why wouldn’t this work for planes? In fact, why wouldn’t all of Toro y Moi’s tunes be suitable for travel and physical motion. 

Gipsy Kings – Inspiration

Don’t worry, this isn’t a Gipsy Lings anthem like Bamboléo or Volare.. this is more or less an instrumental flamenco joint. Which is probably the most soothing style in the world for travel, and can be the most exciting music for travel too. Especially at the start of your journey, if heading to Spain or South America… If this song floats ur boat and u wanna get amongst more flamenco, my personal top pick is Armik.

Velodrome – The Valley

This song is remarkable. Puts you to sleep in 30 seconds. Very handy tool for planes. If it doesn’t work first go make sure u have a few Brian Eno albums on dl as backups for after you’ve taken off.

Cheers lads, here’s all 10 songs in a handy Spotify playlist – get following!

European Tour Dates

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