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Playlist: Nile Marr

The musician picks out his favourite tracks ahead of his Manchester residency.

In preparation of the release of his upcoming new album, Manchester musician Nile Marr will be performing six special shows at the city’s cultural hub, The Night & Day Cafe, throughout May and June. 

After a year touring the globe with legendary composer Hans Zimmer’s band, Niall, who is the son of the legendary The Smiths guitarist has returned home to work on the follow up to his debut album TV Broke My Brain. Released under the name Man Made in 2016, the album was a hit with critics. 

The six-night residency kicks off on 2 May 2019. Ahead of the gigs, we asked the musician to make us a playlist of some of his favourite and most influential tracks, and tell us a bit about them. 

Broken Social Scene – Cause = Time

Broken Social Scene are just one of those bands that have never made a bad record. They were probably the first band I ever truly loved, all their albums have a quality about them that pulls you in and holds you. I’ve spent hours and hours listening to their records on repeat through the years and I’ll still have moments where it’ll take me to a place it’s never taken me before. That’s the sign of a true work of art. They’re a force for good in this world. 

Talking Heads – Slippery People

This version is from their Stop Making Sense Tour, peak Talking Heads as the undisputed kings of art rock. A band that can’t not be listed as an influence for any guitar band out there. If you aren’t aspiring to be a bit like the Talking Heads these days then I think you’re doing it wrong. 

The B-52’s – 52 Girls

I’ve always loved rhythm guitar way more than all that naff noodling and the early B52’s records before the death of original guitar player Ricky Wilson are a treasure trove of interesting rhythm playing. A lot of the time he only played with 3 or 4 strings on his guitar and he’d use all these crazy tunings. I’ve always wanted to try and take his approach and flesh it out with a bigger sound over 6 strings. The B52’s are the best party band that ever was and this first album is so often overlooked. 

Elliot Smith – Coast to Coast

Elliott Smith managed to go through so many different changes to his sound, he evolved every time people thought they had him pegged and it always sounded like him. I got into his music as a teenager and I’ll find myself even now writing chord changes that have an ‘Elliott Smith’ quality to them, his style went in deep and stuck. 

Yeah Yeah Yeahs – 10×10 

Nick Zinner is the best modern guitar player around. Accept no substitutes. 

Nile Marr plays the following shows in May/June. 

2 May 2019 – Night & Day, Manchester 
9 May 2019 – Night & Day, Manchester
4 June 2019 – Night & Day, Manchester
11 June 2019 – Night & Day, Manchester
18 June 2019 – Night & Day, Manchester
25 June 2019 – Night & Day, Manchester 

Tickets for the shows are available now through 

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