Playlist: New Found Glory – 20 Years Of Pop Punk

6 tracks that have influenced the legendary pop-punkers.

New Found Glory’s 20 Years Of Punk Punk UK tour kicks off this week! To mark the occasion, we asked drummer Cyrus Bolooki to make us a playlist, and explain a bit about why he picked each track. Enjoy! 


With our 20 Years of Pop Punk Tour coming to the UK where we are playing 6 different albums from our past in their entirety, I thought it would be a cool idea to make a playlist of songs that were released in the same year as each one of those 6 albums, and that would have definitely been heard blasting in our van or bus while we were on tour… 

1999 (Nothing Gold Can Stay)

Blink-182 – “Going Away to College” (from Enema of the State)

Blink-182 is obviously a huge influence for almost every pop-punk band, and their impact on our band was very profound as well. More than anything they brought us out on tour with them in 2001 and instantly catapulted us from playing small shows to taking the stage in front of 20,000 people a night! Being a drummer I immediately took to the fact that adding Travis Barker totally made Blink a different (and in my opinion, better) band, and I probably played this record more than any other as I would drive our van on our first few tours, air drumming away on the steering wheel. We’re lucky I didn’t crash while doing this, as those drum parts are crazy and I probably wasn’t holding the wheel most of the time!

2000 (New Found Glory)

Deftones – “Back to School (Mini Maggit) (from White Pony)

In New Found Glory we’re fans of lots of different styles of music, and I think we all have some sort of appreciation for the Deftones. I remember seeing them in concert and getting into their albums before I even joined NFG, and their drummer Abe is a big influence on me even if it’s not apparent from my drumming on NFG records. I’ve been fortunate enough to meet Abe a bunch and he’s one of the nicest guys I’ve met in this industry…definitely, a crazy feeling meeting someone that you look up to and having them know you by name. Plus, this song (and album) is so heavy it’s guaranteed to get you going no matter where and when you play it!

2002 (Sticks and Stones)

Silverchair – “Across the Night” (from Diorama)

It’s no secret that Silverchair is a huge personal influence for me. In fact, if it wasn’t for this band I probably wouldn’t be in a band myself. Hearing about their story of being teenagers that won a contest at a radio station and then blew up into a worldwide sensation gave me hope that I could one day be in a successful band myself. I’ve been a fan of theirs from the very beginning, and was even made fun for it a bunch by my own band back in the day, but around the time they released this album (and specifically this song), I noticed for the first time that other bands in our genre were taking notice of Daniel Johns’ amazing vocal style and control. I started to hear singers (including NFG’s own Jordan Pundik) using this song as a vocal warmup, and it brought me great joy knowing that I had found this band way before others seemed to give them that same respect.

2004 (Catalyst)

Green Day – “American Idiot” (from American Idiot)

Besides Blink-182, Green Day would have be the other band that had the most profound of an impact on our career, as they brought us on tour with them shortly after the release of this record throughout both the US and UK/Europe. At the time I don’t even think they knew how big this record would be, but as our tour with them progressed, you could see how huge this album was getting and it only grew from there. Definitely one of my favorite tours I’ve ever been on and one I won’t ever forget, Green Day as a band and people were extremely friendly and welcoming to us even though they were at the time (and still are) one of the biggest rock bands around. They are surely a great example of how to conduct yourself even after becoming super famous, and I’m very proud to know that we were able to join them for the insane ride that followed the release of this album. 

2006 (Coming Home)

Muse – “Starlight” (from Black Holes and Revelations)

Muse has long been referred to as “your favorite band’s band,” and there’s plenty of reasons why. I remember hearing about their music years before this because of our travels to the UK, where they were way more popular there at that time than in the US, and then having the chance to see them perform at a very small club in New York before people really knew who they were in our country at that time. We would jam Muse records in our van and bus all the time, and anytime we mentioned them to our friends in other bands they would reiterate the same even though it seemed as though not many people in the US knew who they were. Of course they’ve now gone on to become a household name in rock everywhere in the world…super talented musicians, and for me their style of rock with a classical/symphonic approach is something that is very unique in this industry. 

2009 (Not Without A Fight)

Cartel – “Let’s Go” (from Cycles)

We’re very fortunate that after being a band for so many years there are plenty of bands that have taken influence from us and given recognition to us for that. Cartel is a band that I believe is extremely underrated in our genre, and I’ve been a fan of all of their records. We toured with them a bunch and became really good friends with them, and I can always enjoy putting on any one of their albums, as I think Will (Pugh, singer) has an amazing grasp of how to write a catchy melody and that made for a unique sound in a time when pop-punk started to become oversaturated with bands that all sounded the same. 

Check out Cyrus’ playlist on Spotify below. 

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