Playlist: Jack Antonoff // Bleachers

Chances are if you’ve listened to any pop music radio over the last decade, you’ll have heard Jack Antonoff’s handiwork. He’s the mastermind behind hits like Lorde’s “Green Light,” Taylor Swift’s “Out of The Woods” as well as being one-half of the multi-platinum Grammy winning band Fun. Jack’s passion project; his super fun indie-pop band Bleachers released their excellent third studio album Gone Now in June and are coming to London in October for a highly anticipated headline show at KOKO. 

We asked Jack to make us a playlist of any tunes he wanted and tell us a bit about them, here’s what he sent back.

Kate Bush – Rubberband Girl

This song makes me think of the U.K.  I listen to it whenever I land there. There’s something about it that gets me ready to play shows. 

Joni Mitchell – Blue

Last time we got the UK, they evacuated Heathrow before customs, it was bizarre. Everybody was running everywhere and I put this on and it felt incredible. Will never forget that. Such chaos to this song is perfect. 

Kehlani – Gangsta 

This came on on that same playlist after Joni Mitchell “Blue”. They’re cut from such different cloths but make a lot of sense in sequence somehow. I think everyone should hear Kehlani after Joni. It’s a trip. 

Robyn – Fembot

Very important pre show warm up song. This is the one I put on about 30 minutes before the show just to get a general vibe going. 

Bruce Springsteen – Hungry Heart

This one goes on about 15 minutes before the show. The swing of the song literally loosens people up. The band especially. We have a choreographed dance. 

Kanye and Jay-Z – Made In America

The last song we hear before we go on stage…..

Listen on Spotify below 

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