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Playlist: DJ Yoda

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Breaking through in the late ’90s, DJ Yoda has built a huge following with his pioneering hip-hop tunes, utilising cut and past samples from whatever he finds inspiring. 

Going viral before the world knew what going viral really was, the DJ has collaborated with artists such as Dr Dre, Mark Ronson and Banksy and institutions such as BBC Radio 4 and the BFI. 

Over the past two decades, the DJ has toured pretty much non stop, performing for his die-hard fans in venues and on festival stages all across the globe. 

The award-winning DJ is celebrating the release of his brand new album Homecooking out now. Alongside the new album, DJ Yoda will also release The How To Cut & Paste Collection:20 Years Of DJ Yoda Mixes, a compilation of some of the musicians’ favourite mixes from his twenty-year career. 

The DJ will then head out on his Homecooking tour this Spring. 

To celebrate, we asked DJ Yoda to pick out some of his favourite tracks that he’s mixed throughout his career. Enjoy! 

Eric Weissberg & Steve Mandell – Duelling Banjos

I loved the film Deliverance, and I was always thinking of ways that the turntable and scratching could be used outside of the traditional realm of hip-hop and clubs. I did a cover version of this track for my album Amazing Adventures for banjo and turntables. And eventually, a whole mix How To Cut & Paste: The Country & Western Edition.

Louis Armstrong – Cheesecake 

I first heard this song on Stretch & Bobbito’s legendary early-90s hip-hop radio show and I was hunting for it on vinyl for years. When I finally tracked it down I decided to remix it and include it on my How To Cut & Paste: 1930s Edition. (Even though it’s technically from a much later era!).

Fresh Mode – Ugly Duckling 

This song reminds me of the era of How To Cut & Paste: Vols. 1 & 2. It was a great time for underground, independent hip-hop, and over the years I’ve had so many people tell me that my mixes put them on to artists like Ugly Duckling, Edan and MC Paul Barman. 

DJ Yoda feat. Action Bronson – Big Trouble In Little China

This was a track from my Chop Suey album, that inspired me to make a whole mixtape of hip-hop tracks sampled from Asian sources – How To Cut & Paste: The Asian Edition. Alice Russell kills it on the chorus of this song!

The Clash – Should I Stay Or Should I Go

The first season of Stranger Things really connected with me because of the soundtrack. As soon as I finished watching it, I spent an afternoon in my studio putting together a mix of the best songs from the show, as well as some related tracks and some soundbites from the programme. It turned out to be my most-listened to mix ever, and kick-started a whole Stranger Things-themed AV tour! This was probably the key track from the programme and my mix. 

DJ Yoda feat. Joel Culpepper – London Fields 

My new album Home Cooking is the most soulful project I’ve worked on, and it came together very organically. I tried to use as many live instruments as possible, and a lot of it was recorded at Abbey Road. I’m really excited to perform this album live – I’ve got Joel Culpepper, Eva Lazarus and the legendary Ed OG on tour with me this spring. 

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