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Legendary West Coast Hip-Hop DJ, producer and Jurassic 5 member DJ Nu-Mark hit us up with a few of his favourite tunes.

DJ Nu-Mark plays Jazz Cafe in London on 27 April. Grab tickets here

He’s also playing Hangar in Dublin on Thursday, get tickets here

These gigs promise to be absolute vibesville, Nu-Mark’s live sets are one big party. Check out the below short playlist he made us and see where he’s at sonically in 2018. Take it away DJ Nu-Mark:

Technique (Rakim’s Flip) – Uki

To hear one of my favorite mc’s flipped like this, yet not even featured in the remixes is inspiring to me! Goals to reach! 

Bet Dap Goom Bown (Boom Bap) – 20syl

This producer is a bucket list for me!  Must work with him or have him remix my upcoming TRDMRK project!  20syl captures the right audio sonics and pushes Hip Hop into adventurous realms.

Chasing Shadows – Santigold

This song should have went platinum. It’s a true testament to how muffled our music industry has become. If this would have come out in the late 90’s it would have been game over folks. Gorgeous melodies galore and the best knocks. Never hear people talk about this masterpiece.

Shortyville – Trombone Shorty

When you’re in the mood for down south ribs minus the annoying mumble rapper….this one steps up, warms my heart and reminds me of what music can be!

The Symbiote – Eprom

Just nasty!  I gotta meet this brother.  He’s lost himself in key world in such a playful and dirty way.  I get the impression he gives two shits about what every other artist creates!  My kind of guy! Would love to work with him just to see him at work!

DJ Nu-Mark plays Jazz Café in London next week. Grab tickets ticketweb.co.uk/djnumark

He’s also playing Hangar in Dublin on Thursday, get tickets ticketweb.ie/djnumark

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