Playlist: Deep In Vogue

An education in voguing from Darren Pritchard...

Deep In Vogue is an upcoming documentary film about the voguing scene in the North West of England. Not sure what vogueing is? Here’s what the experts say… 

Vogue is a form of stylised dance and performative posture, characterized by model-like poses that arose from the Harlem ballroom scene of the late 1960s and throughout the 1970s/80s by often poor and disenfranchised gay African American communities. The scene is alive and flourishing in the North West of England almost fifty years after its original inception and on the other side of the planet!

The film-makers are hosting an evening of Vogue Performance at Manchester’s Tribeca, on Friday 27 April, to raise funds for the project. 

To celebrate (and to educate ourselves) we asked voguing expert Darren Pritchard to make us a playlist of his essential tracks and to tell us a bit about them. Enjoy! 

Cheryl Lynn – “Got To Be Real” 

Exhibiting “realness” in the drag world commonly refers to the ability to “blend” or “pass” this song has become a realness anthem. Usually, in a vogue ball, there is a realness category i.e Executive Realness, Butch Queen Realness, Thug Realness. 

Robbie Tonco – “Runway” (As A House) (Original Mix)

An example of how “the HA dance” track is used in a ballroom capacity. A classic in the ballroom! 

Kevin Aviance – “Cunty”  

A word generally associated and used in gay society. It means an overwhelming feeling of fierceness. Again “the Ha dance” is sampled. 

Kevin Aviance – “Din Da Da” 

A classic for voguers to test their musicality and hit them beat! 

First Choice – “Love Thang” 

An old-way vogue track. That steady beat and tempo allow you to hit those poses!  

Ellis D – “Dub Break” (long version) 

A classic track from Paris is Burning and another old-way classic.  

Masters At Work – “The Ha Dance” (Pumpin’ Dubb) 

The Foundation for many a vogue ball track… A legendary anthem. 

TRONCO TRAXX – “WALK FOR ME” (Original Mix) 

Full of vogue ball chants and slang, a great vogue track! 

ZHU – “Faded” (Deep House) 

Just a damn nice house track. 

B. Ames – “Sniffles” (The Bump Dub) 

I just had to put a B. Ames track in there… 


Want to get involved? Deep in Vogue takes over Tribeca, Manchester on Friday 27 April with a live set from Crazy P. Tickets are available HERE

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