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Playlist: Cassia

Cassia made us a playlist!

Rob, Lou and Jacob make up Cassia – the Northern trio creating awesome, infectious, danceable indie pop. The band draw influences from all over the musical spectrum and have put together an exclusive playlist just for TicketWeb. Top lads.

Cassia have recently signed with Distiller Records, been shortlisted for Best Live Act of 2018 at the AIM Awards and their brand new single “Loosen Up” was released this morning! Before diving into the playlist, get your ears on this glorious slice of brand new Indie:

Cassia made us a playlist of seven songs by artists who’ve influenced their sound. 

Take it away lads …

Vampire Weekend – Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa

These guys are one of our favourite bands. We love how they’ve created something completely unique combining loads of different styles of music, especially African music. They also seem to be able to create music that anyone can get into at the same time as staying away from a lot of the norms and structures of indie/rock music (which I suppose they technically are). It’s seriously cool and is something we are always aspiring to do in our own way.

Khruangbin – August 10

It’s kind of rare when everyone in the band really digs the same band. A friend of ours intro’d us to these guys and we all think they’re class. Put dead simply, they combine hip-hop with Middle Eastern / Korean guitar stuff. I also love albums that manage to transport you to somewhere else for 40-50 minutes and these guys have nailed it with both of theirs. They’ve managed to create a unique world with the sounds they use and where they seem to draw influence from. They’re also a 3 piece like us which is class. Everything about what each of them do individually in the band is amazing. I’m still figuring out how they do it. It’s mad.

Fela Kuti – Water No Get Enemy

Since pretty early on in our band we began getting crazy into 70s African music, especially from countries in the west coast. Fela is one of the biggest guys and practically created Afrobeat music, which is genius I think. The records have an amazing soul, quality and sound to them that I know a lot of people have tried to figure out and emulate but in my opinion, I think it is down to the insanely talented musicians on the records. I forget that everything was recorded live to tape because of how tight their grooves are. Also, Fela would get arrested with almost every record he put out because of the political messages that he wrote about. That dedication to your music and message is unbelievable.

Jungle – Lemonade Lake

I’ve always leant towards less electronic music, but I remember when I heard Jungle’s first album. I’d never heard anything like it before, our booking agent recently compared it to some of the things going in New York in the 80s but I haven’t heard that kind of stuff yet. It has a crazy vibe I can’t really describe but it just has loads of character. The kind of thing I’d usually buzz from listening to musicians play live. It’s got tons of pocket and soooouuulll. Really want to see them live.

Glass Animals – Life Itself

We joined the Glass Animals party well later than everyone else but have got into them so much over the last year. It’s crazy clever songwriting… awesome sounds, Indian / Afro and hip-hop influences in the beats, and insanely hooky vocal lines. We’ve spent more time on their second album and the whole concept of it mixing world music, video games, and having songs focused around different characters is so cool. It gives you so much more than just big singles when you spend a little time digging. WAAAAAYY COOOOL, want to meet them a lot.

Beach Boys – Don’t Worry Baby

I think Brian Wilson is an absolute genius. Most people know a lot of the surf hits (which my dad told me the majority of which he’d already written by the time he was 21 I think) but I’m a crazy fan of Pet Sounds and Smile. Proper before his time and I’ve no idea how he does it. He writes pop songs that change key every 3 seconds. He always masters the happy/sad vibe which is something we’re always trying to achieve in our own stuff.

Bob Marley – Could You Be Loved

We’ve spent hours listening to Bob Marley records and reading his lyrics. The message of positivity and community he was spreading is something we identify with a lot. Would have loved to be a fly on the wall when he was writing this. His vocal melodies are so emotive and the grooves are amazing, I really want to ask his rhythm section where they got their lines from, or how they came up with them. Our producer recently put one of his first records on in the studio and just told us to listen to what the bass was doing around the vocal / drums. Was crazy!

Cassia are heading out on a UK tour in October, don’t miss your chance to see them in a venue near you. Get tickets here: ticketweb.co.uk/cassia

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