Playlist: Call Me Loop’s Fave Tracks At The Mo

Britain's next pop sensation made us a playlist ...

🎵🎶 If you be my wafer cone, I can be your ice cream scoop (da da da da, da da da da) I can call you Betty and Betty when you call me you can Call Me Loop. 🎵🎶

*shoutout Paul Simon

Surrey-born, Brixton residing singer-songwriter Call Me Loop should well and truly be on your radar by now. She’s been in the game for a couple of years but exploded in 2018 with some top-notch seductively retro, R&B sprinkled pop tunes.

Get your ears on her ginormous pop banger “Give ‘n’ Take” released earlier this year:

Loop’s latest release is an absolute bop too. “I wrote Cut & Run after a particularly intense and short-lived relationship.” It’s a triumphant tune which gives us an idea of the upcoming EP’s concept. It’s also relatable AF … check it out:


In the lead up to her headline show at The Camden Assembly next month; Call Me Loop has made us a fire playlist of some of her favourite tracks right now and the reasons why she has them on repeat. (Thankfully “Call Me Al” didn’t make the cut..) Check it out:

Lennon Stella “Bad”

One of my fav songs at the mo; one of those ‘I wish I’d written this’ ones! Only discovered Lennon in the last couple of months and now I’m a bit obsessed. 

Jarreau Vandal “Moonlight”

My friend Hollie features on this tune and I love it so much. Feel like it’s reflecting my mood at the moment and the change of seasons. It’s making me excited for romantic winter nights you know. Also Hol’s vocals on this… eeeesh. 

Juice WRLD ‘Lucid Dreams’ 

Another fav at the moment; I covered it on my IGTV channel the other week. This one just gives me all the feels, can relate to it so hard at the moment. My head is in a really weird space right now about exes and I keep dreaming about them and waking up so confused. And that thing of loving and hating someone at the same time… yeah I feel that. 

L Devine ‘Peer Pressure’

L Devine out here verbalising what the majority of our generation is feeling right about now… Today’s obsession with appearance and social media etc is making everyone lose themselves and it’s f**king sad. Think it’s great that people are starting to talk about it online and in their songs. (The video is sick too). 

The Internet ‘Come Together’

Most vibey song ever; makes me feel like I’m sat in a smokey old-school underground soul club. This an end-of-the-dinner-party, nightcap kinda song. 

Maisie Peters ‘Worst of You’

I’ve been banging on about this song ever since it came out cos it’s just one of my absolute favourite releases in the last few years. It breaks my heart and makes me cry every single time I listen to it. Probably cos I can relate to it cos I’ve been in that situation before where you have your partner on such a pedestal that you allow them to treat you like shit cos you’re just happy enough to be in their presence and to have them as yours. Ugh I’m crying again. 

Sasha Sloan ‘Faking It’ 

I’ve had this song on repeat since it came out on Friday. Love Sasha’s voice and it’s one of those songs where I listen to the lyrics and I’m like woah I could’ve written this like I can relate so much. I am the queen of squashing my emotions… the queen of faking it! 

There you have it gang! Some great selections I’m sure you agree and she’s also gone and popped the tunes into a handy Spotify playlist for you. Call Me Loop you’re a lej …


Call Me Loop plays London’s Camden Assembly in November. Get your tickets to this show and keep an eye out for more live dates here: ticketweb.co.uk/callmeloop

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