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Playlist: Arcade Hearts pick their favourites

The indie-pop four-piece have picked their favourite tracks. Good on 'em.

Arcade Hearts, from the southern town of Gosport, are preparing for their very own headline shows. February and March 2019 will see them take to various stages, including shows in Southampton, London and Birmingham. The four-piece – comprising Dan, Brandon, Harry and Charlie – will be unleashing their electric blend of indie-pop, with a subtle dose of electro vibes.

The band dropped their four track EP last year, including single Humble (which cheekily makes its way into their curated playlist below), joining a handful of singles they already have under their belt.

With those headline shows on the horizon, we touched base so Arcade Hearts could fire over some of the tracks that will keep them occupied on the road. It’s a self-admitted eclectic mix of tracks, and all absolutely solid tunes.

Before we get into that though, check out Arcade Hearts in action in their video for single Different Place.

Now, before they hit the road for some live shows – including taking to The Joiners in Southampton and London’s Notting Hill Arts Club – get to know Arcade Hearts better… and what better way than through their music taste?

Sälen – So Rude

Just a track we heard a few months ago by accident, a happy happy accident. Lots of fantastic production techniques and parts that just bring it together, awesome video as well like.

MØ – Way Down
A song for the long drive, just the louder it is the better is. Standard rule of thumb for this song. You need the bass line in your life, I just wanna get f***ed up with my baby.

FOALS – Birch Tree
You could forgive anyone who doesn’t know this song for thinking its RHCP when it starts, but then its unmistakably Foals through and through. Do you need anything else but a soft chorus and a luxurious verse? Its the better side of 4 minutes so you can really enjoy it, this is rarely a plus with tracks now but FOALS can do what they want.

Fickle Friends – Cry Baby
Indie-pop royalty, it has so many parts that are moreish. This band have been a solid inspiration to us, at one point Jack was going to produce some of our EP, but timings didn’t line up. ALAS, absolute bop.

Roy Blair – Jane
I don’t really know what it is about this song, I think it flows perfectly, it displays how music just has so many facets. Lots of production techniques, vocal formants, triggered drums, acoustic drums, electric guitars, synths, electric bass, synth bass. But yet simplicity. Just don’t think to much about it yeah?

Arcade Hearts – Humble
LOL. Shameless. We haven’t done a video yet, I’m sure there will be at some point. Make sure you head down to our headline tour this March to hear it live as well!

Don Broco – Come Out To L.A
This video is hilarious, the song is not. Perfect fusion of pop and rock and I don’t know, its just a great time. I have friends in L.A.

Now you’ve got to know them and their music taste, catch Arcade Hearts live in Birmingham, London and Southampton.

Tickets are available now through

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