Playlist: 20 Years Of Aficionado Recordings

The brains behind Manchester label Aficionado Recordings pick out their favourite jams for their twentieth Birthday...

Balearic behemoths Moonboots and Jason Boardman gave us a playlist ahead of their 20th birthday party celebrations at Night People on Saturday 14th July. Kicking off during Euro 98 as a tapas meets tunes experience at the long-gone Aqua bar behind The Hacienda (also long gone) the pairs night quickly developed into a nomadic Sunday institution providing a platform to spinners including Todd Terje, Phil Mison, Mr Scruff, Rune Lindbaek and countless others to showcase their leftfield vinyl selections in various locations across the city, providing an antidote the proliferation of 4/4 house nights that were enveloping Manchester at that time.

This playlist picks out some of the pairs favourite Aficionado jams of the past 20 years and tries to cover the numerous styles and sounds that make Aficionado a Mancunian institution.

Sub Sub – Past – Timeless coastal cooler from Jimi Goodwin and twin brothers Andy and Jez Williams who later became Mancunian institution Doves.

Begin – Velocity – From one Mancunian institution to another, we could have included Begin’s entire discography in this 20, plumped for this early doors nado favourite.

Thievery Corporation – 2001 Spliff Odyssey –  An opportunity to air releases by Thievery/Kruder/Pork Recordings was a primary reason for us starting Aficionado, so it seems fitting that we pay tribute to the roots with this classic from the incorrectly derided trip hop canon.

Professor Oz – Waves and Sun (African Waves Mix ) – Loads to choose from where K and D are concerned but we plumped for this Allez Allez sampling sunshine jam.

Mudd – Summer in the Wood – An early excursion from Claremont 56’s main man Mudd!

Waves –  Summer Sunday – No explanation required, this song simply says it all!

Gal Costa – O Gosto do Amor – Killer Brazilian Balearic chugger

Cantoma feat. Bing Ji Ling – Alive – Phil Mison has possibly played at every venue Aficionado has been at and was our first ever guest, we’ve also hosted BJL live on numerous occasions so both are Aficionado’s through and through.

King Biscuit Time – I Walk The Earth – Steve Mason’s first single post Beta Band and what a banger it is, feel the drums.

Röyksopp – Eple – More Norwegian bounty, documenting how important the underground scene in Norway was to the sound of Aficionado dancefloor – 15 years old and still sounding fresh as a herring.

The Aliens –  Robot Man – Is it Rock, Pop or Funk, its all of the above, another Beta band spin-off making the cut.

Mike Perras – Beginning Of Life – Deep and meaningful Deep House with a psychedelic Edge – Cosmic!

Jean-Luc Ponty- In The Fast Lane – Bonkers electronic jazz business!

Barrabas –  Wild Safari – 7 inches of big fun and bonafide ‘nado classic’ cue the Leonado trademarked Whoah Aficionado chant during the chorus.

Rune Lindbaek – Junta Jaeger –  Rumour has it that this translates into English as village idiot, an absolute masterclass in downtempo dub disco from Bergens bad boy of Balearic.

Chic – I Want Your Love (Todd Terje edit) – Very, very fond memories of Moon dropping this at The Aficionado Boat Party at Electric Elephant in Petracane Croatia, the quintessential disco edit from Terje’s amazing catalogue of sounds.

Chaplin Band – Il Veleiro – Never quite reached the proportions of people turning up in bowler hats and twirling a cane on the dancefloor, but you can’t get much more of a cult Aficionado banger than this.

Dennis Parker – Like An Eagle –  Last heard at our Bank Holiday Aficionado classics night at The Refuge courtyard where it would’ve blown the roof off if it had one, singalong arms in the air essential.

R.V. Cock –  Free At Last – You want a percussive hands in the air moment, no problem, a blinding excursion on the version by the legendary DJ Harvey.

Quando Quango – Love Tempo –  Mike Pickering and Hillegonda Rietveld blended the emerging sounds of Europe and the USA with Manchester suss, mixed in New York by Mark Kamins this never fails to light up the floor.  

Sebastien Tellier – La Ritournelle – First heard late one evening in 2003 at Aficionado @ Arch, we knew we were on to something as soon as we heard the drums and piano, then the vocals kick in and whoosh, this evergreen still makes an appearance at the end of the night due to customer demand.

Aficionado celebrate their 20th Birthday with a party at Night People, Manchester on Saturday 14 July. Tickets available now at 

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