Planes – Interview & Photo Gallery @ Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen

We met up with Steve & Ted from Planes at Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen where they’ll be playing this Saturday (the 13th of December) to talk drinking, vinyl geekyness, crazy tattoos and of course, their gig history…

Planes Interview 6 - 600

TicketWeb: What was is that brought Planes together?

Steve: When I first moved over from California, about 7 years ago, I met Ted in Shepherd’s Bush. He was one of the first friends I had. I used to do acoustic nights in a pub he worked at and we just started to play music together. And whenever I would come from tour (Ed: with alt-legends Placebo!) we get together and it just molded in to the beginnings of a project.

Ted: Me and Charlotte had known each other for years and wanted to do something together anyway. her and Steve just clicked straight away.

Steve: The first day I met her she was recording her violin and just loved it. Great personality, great look, could play really well. So we’d just use different friends of ours to record different bits.

Ted: We were trying to find band members and a friend of our Katy was running the Lock Tavern in Camden. So she introduced us to Ed (Planes’ drummer) and he’d worked with Dan (Planes bass player) on other projects before.

Steve: We recorded our EP and then we were like “Aright, let’s do a gig!”. We we wanted to make something lovely and massive but we knew we had to start somewhere so let’s throw it together and get the ball rolling.

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TicketWeb: So you’re playing here (Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen) on Saturday (13/12/2014), have you got any favourite memories of nights at this venue or particular reasons you wanted to play here?

Ted: Well we played the launch gig for the EP we were just talking about here so when we were discussing venues it seemed like the perfect place to start the next chapter.

Steve: We seen so many great bands here. Bigger bands playing secret gigs. There’s just so many memories of it being rammed, trying to get to the bar, trying to pull! Ha ha! My wife will love that.

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TicketWeb: How’s the dynamic of the band affected with each of you being involved in different projects?

Steve: It’s kind of always been that way. You go on tour for months on end but I’ve always got the guitar with me. I’m always writing & practicing songs for Planes. So when we get back I’m like “Can we get together?” And we can’t always get the whole band together but we’ll always manage something. So the work on Planes never stops.

Ted: We’re always emailing each other new ideas – every day.

Steve: It’s really good right now because we have a big chunk of time together. So we can hang out, play music, just be friends again.

Ted: We have the dynamic where it’s just a few best mates getting together. It’s really nice to have that. That’s the ideal that you search for when your in a band.

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TicketWeb: You’ve got a couple of drink related songs in your repertoire. It’s that a shared interest of all the band?

Steve: I guess I drank pretty heavily when I first came to London. I was at rehearsals in Shepherd’s Bush each day and my band mates were a bit older and afterwards, they’d just go home. So I’d go to the bar where Ted worked and then write song about it.

TicketWeb: So do the band have any other shared interests?

Steve: Well, there’s silly things like team go-kart racing but me and Ted do vinyl DJing together. We big vinyl geeks, me, Ted & Charlotte especially. Listening to George Benson and breaking it down.

Ted: Even a few years ago all vinyl sets used to be the norm but now they are really rare. If you do anything over a 3 hour set, the amount of vinyl you need is massive but we love it.

TicketWeb: Have you got any favourite shops for vinyl?

Steve: Yeah, I live in Brighton and down North Street there are some great ones. Old instruments on the walls and all the old records just sitting there. And you get them cheap as too. I love that.

Ted: A lot of my records come from a time I was clearing out this old place and whoever had lived there before (who was long gone by the way) had just left all these old records. They were just going to get chucked out so I took them home and there was some amazing stuff in there. Old RCA 50’s Elvis singles, they’re quite collectible – but we go out and DJ with them all the time!

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TicketWeb: You’ve got some great ink on there but I wanted to get your reaction to some of these, so this is Phil Collins…


Steve & Ted: Woah!

Steve: That’s actually not bad, that’s not the worse thing I’ve ever seen.

TicketWeb: And this?

Patrick Swazey tATTOO

Steve: Now we’re talking. Is that Roadhouse Patrick Swayze? It is Roadhouse Patrick Swayze! I’ve got a mate and he’s got the best tattoos. If he pulled up his shirt and he had that I’d have to high-five him.

Ted: You know, there’s a lot of people out there with Steve Forrest tattoos.

Steve: I was in Ibiza, we were playing Ibiza Rocks and this guy takes off his shirt and I was like “What is that?” he’s got a tattoo of me and my other two band-mates. I’m like “You’ve got it wrong mate!”

Ted: There’s also Ken dolls made of this guy!

Steve: Yeah, I brought them home once, a bag full. I asked the wife if she wanted them. She’s like “What the fuck do I want with them?!”

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TicketWeb: Okay, let’s check your gig history…what was the last gig you saw that wasn’t your own.

Ted: Prince! Me and Charlotte went to see him this year in Birmingham.

Steve: Massive Attack and they blew my fuckin’ brain. It was at a festival in Switzerland at the top of a mountain. Really, really great.

Ted: I’ve been to some really great Blues shows this year though. The guys they have at the Colne Rhythm and Blues festival & at the King’s Head Theatre in Angel where I used to work. The calibre of players they have there is incredible.

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TicketWeb: And can you remember the first gig you went to?

Ted: 5ive ha ha! But Terrorvision were the first band I went to go and see at Colne Municiple Hall. That was good.

Steve: The first one my father let me go to was…I was 13 or 14…it was Sum-41 & New Found Glory concert. It was at Mountainview Amphitheater. I went with my friend Josh and his older brother took us. We were walking through the carpark and I could hear one of the bands line-checking and I was just “Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God!” I was so excited. I’d already been playing drums for 3 years and I knew that making music was what I wanted to do, but when I saw them there, I knew for real.

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