Ones To Watch 2018: Joy Crookes Q&A

Born and raised in Elephant and Castle, the Londoner makes cool-as-you-like soul and inspired by Nancy Sinatra, Bob Dylan and Massive Attack.

It’s going to be a great year for London’s Joy Crookes. We caught up with the young up-and-comer. 

Who was the first band or artist you saw live?
I saw Grace Jones when I was nine at Latitude festival and lost my sh*t over her hula hoop technique. I had been trying to master the art of hula hoop at the time in primary school and her glow made me contemplate taking up a different playground activity. Also, when my Dad told me she was in her 50s or 60s I had a nine-year-old existential crisis; was still a fun weekend though.

What venue would you absolutely love to headline?
I’d love to headline Brixton Academy. I half grew up near there as I’m based in Elephant and Castle and my Grandma lives 5 minutes away from Brixton Academy. All my family are South London based and tell me of all the bands they saw there: Black Uhuru and Jesus and the Mary Chain to name a few. It’s in my hometown and it would just be an honour to see my name in the lights outside it, opposite the Nando’s I always went to with my nan.

What artist would you love to tour with?
Kendrick Lamar. Simply because I think I would learn so, so much from just watching him over a succession of gigs. He’s a living legend.

Who inspired you to take up music?
My family and their drama. I needed to talk to someone about my childhood and that person became my guitar. We’re still good friends.

What’s your favourite thing about performing live?
Performing makes me feel free. Not every show as sometimes you get caught up in thinking of dumb shit on stage, such as your outfit or what people think etc, etc. But when you have a cathartic and energetic show, you really get a taste of freedom I guess. You let loose. It feels good.

No doubt you’ll be hearing much more from Joy Crookes in the new year. Read our Introducing piece to learn more about Joy Crookes here

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