Ones To Watch 2017: Cosima Q&A

It’s super early days, but Peckham’s Cosima has been making some serious waves in recent months. We caught her at her first ever show in October and were blown away. So much so that we had to make her a one to watch. We had a quick catch up with the singer to discuss what she’s got planned for 2017.

Cosima! How are you today?
Tired but good! Its 4am and I’ve just finished editing a music video!

Congrats on making Our Ones To Watch list! We were at your debut show in Peckham and loved it. How was it for you? 
Thank you two times! It felt really special to be singing a set of my songs directly to a room of people for the first time, and to do it on my home turf was amazing. Having people there watching makes you even more aware of what each song means to you. It reminds you why you wrote them if you’ve had a chance to forget.

What was your favourite moment of 2016?
The night me and my mum drove around at night and listened through the South Of Heaven masters for the first time.

Can you describe your music in 3 words?
South Of Heaven

If you were given 3 wishes for 2017, what would you wish for
To play as many shows as possible!
Lots of rehearsals!
An email from 2016 saying “jkjk I was just kidding”.


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