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Following their spellbinding TicketWeb Session in the bar at TicketWeb HQ, we took 5 mins with Dom, Conor & Joe from Nothing But Thieves to investigate their gig history. If you want to know which gigs they first went to with their mums, or where they witnessed nudity for the first time then read on!

TicketWeb: Right, let’s start with a hard one. What was the first gig you ever saw?

Dom: Oh wow.

Joe: The first gig I ever went to, I went with my Mum and Dad, and it was the Chilli Peppers. This is actually a good first gig to go to. It was the Chilli Peppers, in Hyde Park and James Brown was supporting.

Nothing But Thieves - Joe 1

Conor: That is pretty sick.

Dom: Good combo.

Conor: Soooo much better than mine.

Joe: Which was?

Conor: Mine was Robbie Williams, with my Mum, but… Saw my first pair of boobs. I was 8, and he got them on stage.

Nothing But Thieves - Conor 1

Joe: He got them out?!

Conor: No! He got 5 girls on stage and I was like… Yeah!

Dom: Phil (Nothing But Thieves bass playing ace!) will kill me for saying this but the first band I ever saw was his band. I won’t say the band name because he will kill me but you can dig it up on the old interweb. That was an experience I’ll remember for ever. It was at Riga, Club Riga in Southend.

TicketWeb: And what was the last gig you went to that wasn’t your own?

Conor: Ahhh, who did we see?

Dom: The last gig we saw together was probably… Tom Odell at V-Festival.

Nothing But Thieves - Dom 1

Conor: Have we not seen anyone since?

Joe: Royal Blood!

Conor & Dom together: Oh yeah Royal Blood!

Conor: (Clears throat and delivers professionally) The last gig we went to see was Royal Blood (laughs). At their album launch. Where was that? Kingston! That was a good night

Dom: We saw George The Poet too, at the launch party for MTV Brand New For 2015, really good actually.

TicketWeb: Yeah, on that note, you’ve been on a few Ones To Watch lists this year including TicketWeb’s Ones To Watch most importantly! How’s it feel to see your name turning up on these lists?

Conor: It came as a surprise really, to be featured so early on. We always feel like it’s early on. Every band says that – you never feel like a real band until you’re playing Wembley. But it’s great, it’s a great surprise & an honour for us to be on lists with other such great artists like James Bay, George The Poet & Rae Morris.

Nothing But Thieves - TicketWeb Session 2

TicketWeb: And what’s the best gig you’ve ever been to?

Conor: Oh, that’s tough.

Joe: I know actually… Foo Fighters at Wembley Stadium. Jimmy Page & John Paul Jones from led Zeppelin came on stage and played with them. They played some incredible stuff including some Led Zeppelin tunes.

Dom: We saw the Foo Fighters too didn’t we.

Conor: Yeah, that was a couple of years ago, that was wicked. My favourite though was AC/DC at Donnington Park. That was sooo good.

Dom: Phil will hate me for saying this but my favourite gig…

Conor: Was your first gig – ha ha!

Dom: …was my first gig, yeah, how did you know?

Nothing But Thieves - TicketWeb Session 3 - 600

TicketWeb: Your last gig of this year is going to be a bit of a homecoming at Chinneries in Southend. Do you still get nervous playing in your home town?

Dom: We get the most nervous for Chinnery’s don’t we boys? Ha ha! No Chinnery’s is good fun. It’s quite relaxed isn’t it?

Conor: It’s like a good old home-coming show for us.

Dom: To be honest we know most of the crowd… ‘Cause there’s only 5 of ’em! Ha ha! No it’ll be cool, like you say, it’s going to be our last show of the year. So we’ll end 2014 with a bang.






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