New Music: These Your Children

These Your Children have just released one of the best debut EPs of the year. The four tracks on FIRES are so on point, from the inspiring ‘Fires’ to the soul clenching ‘Stronger’ that every track leaves you wishing that this release was more than four songs long.

A real highlight of the release is the wonderful ‘Set A Fire’. The tune showcases the duos considerable vocal talent, with both voices complementing each other and allowing each other to take turns in shining. The track unsurprisingly has been singled out by many as a high point of the release.

These Your Children was formed in Nottingham by long-time friends Rebekah Prance and Joe Baxter, who began playing music together in University. They describe their sound as “storytelling music with the aim to take you on a journey” combined with an undercurrent of African freedom songs layered with passionate vocals and delicate melodies. It’s easy to imagine that the pair have known each other for a considerable amount of time; the chemistry in their song-writing is there for all to see.

They will certainly make waves in the coming months. With an excellent EP under their belts now the challenge is to see how that converts into a live setting.  I have a hunch they will be superb.

Theses Your Children play a special headline show at St Pancras Old Church London November 25. Get tickets from

You can listen to the rest of their brilliant debut below.

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