New Music: Scott McFarnon

The life of a songwriter can be an unusual one. Watching superstars sing songs you wrote about your own personal life can be a lucrative business, but it also can leave you feeling detached from something that you created. This seems like the reason Scott McFarson has decided to take centre stage, and put himself out there as a performer.

Scott earned himself nominations at the Golden Globes and Grammy Awards , when the track he penned ‘Once In A Lifetime’, was recorded by Beyoncé as part of the soundtrack to 2008 film, Cadillac Records, which Queen Bey also starred in. This opened up Scott to a whole new world of superstardom, collaborating and performing for the likes of Mark Ronson, Jay-Z and John Legend. An amazing opportunity that was no doubt bittersweet as it was his soul in the songs, but not his voice on the record.

After a lengthy fight with publishing companies to claim back ownership of his mountain of material the singer-songwriter is now out on his own and his first release, the ‘Crazy Heart’ EP marks a new chapter in the Londoners life.  Soulful and astute the EP is validation that Scott is on the right path.  Production duties were handled by the Grammy nominated Rob Kirwan, who also took control of the production of Hozier’s mammoth hit ‘Take Me To Church’. Every note on the L.A written EP hits the mark and while there are only 4 songs on here, (including a very lovely cover of ‘I Walk The Line’) Scott has manage to demonstrate a key trait in performers, always leave them wanting more.

Listen to ‘Crazy Heart’ on Spotify below.

Scott McFarnon is performing a headline show at St Pancras Old Church 22 Feb. Tickets for what promises to be a very special night can be found here >


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