New Music: Petite Meller

Music can mean many different things to many different people. It is the soundtrack to our triumphs, failures and everything in-between. It can take you to faraway places and on wild nostalgia trips, but sometimes, music just makes you want to dance. That’s what Petite Meller made us want to do when she dropped her ludicrously danceable debut single ‘Baby Love’ earlier this year. It’s so good that it’ll make your co-workers stare strangely at you while you wiggle around in your office chair. The accompanying video has over 6 million views on YouTube.

The Parisian singer produces her own self-titled genre of “Le Nouveau Jazzy Pop”, both in her native tongue as well as in English. She’s been a regular visitor to these shores over the past 12 months, performing to ever increasing audience sizes in London venues such as Birthdays and Heaven, as well as appearing at Latitude and Reading and Leeds Festivals.

Meller’s single ‘Barbaric’ continues down the road of showcasing her flair for writing pop music that makes you want to shake it. The video is also brilliantly bonkers which is exactly what a pop music video should be. She’s involved in all aspects of creating her videos, having final say in everything from location, casting and the overall aesthetic of the production.

The singer has received glowing praise from some of music’s most influential personalities. One high profile endorsement came in tweet form from ‘Royals’ hit-maker Lorde, who shared a link to the ‘Baby Love’ video out to her 4 million followers.

Then last month Petite dropped Milk Bath. It rates pretty high on the surreal-ometer. Check it out below…

Petite Meller is bubbling under and about to hit the big time. You should catch her now in a ‘more intimate’ setting while you can.

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