New Music: Owen Rabbit

Allow me to introduce Melbourne based multi-instrumentalist and producer Owen Rabbit whose slick, funky brand of experimental Neo-Soul is a must see.

There is a sense of power in the music and it’s abundantly clear that Owen is happy to create sounds that typically aren’t heard in popular music or any music really. This is one of the best things about him, he doesn’t care for normality but in saying that some of the music he produced last year would certainly go down well on the radio. Here’s “Holy Holy” it was released as a single and it’s a banger.

Owen Rabbit’s music is deliberately different, there are some downright insane vocal changes at times complete with raw inconsistencies and authentic vocal cracks. This doesn’t deter you though; it’s every bit as captivating as it is unexpected. There are appealing aspects in all of his music produced to date, the likes of “Denny’s” which was also released as a single last year, has a very deep meaning behind it encapsulating a tougher time in Owen’s life.

I couldn’t fit all of the songs I wanted to in this piece, all of it is interesting and varied. Although it’s two years old I thought I had to include a live performance. I believe this video really depicts how unique a musician he is. Marvel at Rabbit’s first single “Police Car” performed live in some secluded Australian garden. This video showcases his ingenious use of anything and everything he can get an appropriate sound out of.

The obvious comparison to make would be Jack Garratt, because of their shared use of a drum machine and loop pedals; aside from these clear likenesses in live performance styles their respective sounds are dissimilar. There are fascinating facets of Rabbit’s music including EDM style build-ups and drops and a real dark side to some of his songs which are either; rife within entire tracks or just fleeting, attention-grabbing satisfying moments.

Take his latest single as another example, it’s called “Weeds” and about half way through, the already enjoyable song goes absolutely bananas, it’s certainly worth a listen.

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We are very intrigued to see what will be included in the set at The Great Escape this Friday. It certainly promises to be a captivating can’t-take-your-eyes-off-it performance and we can’t wait to get goosebumps watching it.

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