New Music: MY

Continuing the trend of Scandinavians being well good at making pop music, let us introduce you to Stockholm’s MY. She’s about to become a household name.

MY dropped her latest single “White Water” onto the world wide web last week, setting the blogosphere alight in the process with Popjustice cheekily calling the singer “your new favourite unGooglable popstar.” With a chorus as big as a football stadium, the 3 and a half minute slice of pop perfection will have you immediately hitting YouTube’s repeat button. There’s something Hayley Williams-esque about MY’s voice; there’s a layer of emotion breaking through clean-as-you-like production. Take a listen to “White Water” below.

The singer lists songwriting heavyweights Crosby, Stills and Nash, Bob Dylan and somewhat unavoidably Abba as her influences whilst growing up in a small village in rural Sweden. To any aspiring songwriters out there, just listen to each of those artists ‘best of’ records for a masterclass in crafting timeless songs. It makes sense in the context of MY’s music. You can tell she’s aimed for the rebelliousness and storytelling chops of Crosby, Stills, Nash and Dylan while wanting the emulate the fun pop-hooks from Abba.

MY’s just been on tour around the UK with McFly and from what we’ve seen online she’s gone down a storm with their fans. She’s performing a free show next month at Camden Assembly Hall, which unfortunately has already sold-out. SOZ!!!. We’ll let you be the first to know if any more get released.

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