New Music: Loyle Carner

It feels like the eyes of the world are focused in on UK hip-hop like never before. Kanye’s declared himself a fan and is rumoured to have a few British rappers on his new album, while Drake recently collaborated with grime heavyweight Skepta. Getting in on the action is South London’s Loyle Carner.

With a more laid back style than some of his contemporaries, Loyle Carner writes deeply personal rhymes married with beats that make your head nod and your toes tap. He’s not an artist that shy’s away from wearing his heart on his sleeve, which perhaps most evident on track ‘Cantona’. The tune, named after the fiery French footballer details the struggle of dealing with the death of a loved one.

Loyle is equally creative and emotive in his visuals. ‘Ain’t Nothing Changed’ brilliantly captures the lasting bond between two male best friends who carry the relationship into old age. Loyle’s ability to tell a story though his lyrics as well as on the screen is an impressive achievement, especially for someone who is still very early into his career.

Live shows have become more and more frequent for the 21 year old and are something to behold. His upcoming UK tour in February has become a hot ticket and the London date has sold out well in advance.

It will be an interesting 2016 for Loyle Carner, that is guaranteed. Will there be an album? Hopefully. It promises to be a hotly anticipated release.

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