New Music: Lady Leshurr

It’s Grime time. Let me introduce you to Lady Leshurr and her ludicrous lyrical layering. She’s a total toothpaste fuelled breath of fresh air that is destined for big things.

Here’s the Lady Leshurr low down; she was offered a recording contract with Universal after becoming famous through her cover of Chris Brown’s “Look At Me Now” where she changed the lyrics to Busta Rhymes raps and absolutely nailed it. She rejected the deal as there were plans to pit her against Nicki Minaj. Leshurr wanted to have a catalogue of songs and build up her fan base on her own. She wrote the “Queen’s Speech” series which went viral and has now racked up over 66 million views on Youtube and another 19 million plays on Spotify.

Lady Leshurr has concentrated a lot of energy on building a fanbase on her own terms. Every track she has made available online; whether it was her earlier remixes, her viral “Queen’s Speech” series or her latest two singles; “Base Dunk” featuring US Hip-Hop heavyweight Fatman Scoop and brand new release featuring UK Grime God Wiley has hit it out the park and introduced her music to larger audiences.

As you can see Lady Leshurr has an unbelievably diverse rapping style, she often – justifiably receives praise for the incredible speed in which she delivers intricate bars. This seemingly effortless skill is the result of many years of practice and performing which has allowed Leshurr to master her craft. This isn’t done to show off or just thrown into songs for the sake of it, the lyrics are consistently clever and her songs flow remarkably smoothly considering their frantic and raw lyrical stylings.

Lady Leshurr has such undeniable talent you get the feeling that something drastic will have to occur in order to halt her rise to the top. 

“Where Are You Now” is the new single available now on Itunes here:

Good news! Lady Leshurr has announced a UK tour, click here to get tickets from 9am Friday:

She’s an amazing performer and puts on one hell of a live show she killed it at Glastonbury and featured in our 5 best acts we saw at Wireless. Read this piece here:

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I ashurr you she will be around for a long time… See what I did there?

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