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Listening to ‘The Cabin’ EP will propel you forward two months directly into summer. Play “Underwater” (below) and I guarantee you will be transported to the seaside, reminiscing about day drinking,  long evenings,  and waking up slow without the dreaded assistance of a vibrating smartphone.

Listen to Go It Alone by Foxtrax

Foxtrax are made up of New York threesome; Ben Schneid (Vocals, Guitar) Jared Stenz (Bass) and Jon Stenz (Drums). Despite hailing from New York there is no evidence of the hustle and bustle synonymous with big city life evident in their music. It’s much more suited to the Californian beaches where they currently reside. They have a residency in a trendy venue in Santa Monica and are touring California up until early May…. Not a bad gig.

Foxtrax 2016 - Group Photo 2 - 600

All Photos: Kaitlin Gladney

Foxtrax successfully sliced through the saturated scene in New York, because of their ability to produce a contemporary catchy chorus and haunting hook, all the while staying true to an authentic 60’s soul style, bluesy sound.

If you had to make comparisons, the likes of; Foster The People, Kings Of Leon, Coldplay and Foals would be in the conversation, however as much as certain segments of their songs are reminiscent of these bands, others are quite the contrary resulting in an all-round familiar yet unique sound. This is evident all over ‘The Cabin’ EP in which emotive lyrics, intricate instrumentals and pop-anthem style choruses allow Foxtrax to effortlessly and effectively weave between genres.

Give the full EP a go and I think you will agree that the seriously easy-listening tunes are ready for the radio. Importantly, Foxtrax are guilty of producing an extremely fun live performance. Although the band was only formed in early 2015, it seems like they have been gigging for years – they are tighter than a hipster’s jeans.

Good News! Rumour has it; Foxtrax will be travelling across the pond later this year. So keep an eye out for a band that is an undeniably enthralling prospect coming to a gig space near you.

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