New Music: Espa

New Music: Espa

It’s difficult to know exactly how to place Espa and that’s probably a big reason that makes her so exciting. The 23 year old has been setting the blogosphere alight with her 3 minute clip for track ‘Apartment 2F’. Produced by Haus productions the clip looks more at home in an art gallery rather than on YouTube.

It’s hard to find clever electronic pop music and this is where Espa comes into her own.   You can tell her lyrics come from a deeply personal place and this is perhaps best demonstrated on ‘Your Ghost’. The Shift K3Y and Todd Oliver produced track is a real treat.

In interviews Espa has proclaimed that she wants her music to sound like a lovechild of Jimi Hendrix and Bjork. That’s a fairly grand statement to make, but with self-confidence like that, you wouldn’t bet against her at least coming close.

Espa is playing Oslo in Hackney on Septermber 7 as part of the The Others Presents. For more info sign up HERE

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