New Music: Bebe Rexha

If you’ve listened to any mainstream radio over the past 3 years, chances are that you’ll have heard a Bebe Rexha song in one form or another. The New York City songwriter to the stars has stepped out on her own and all signs point to pop superstardom.

Fans of emo pop-rockers Fall Out Boy may vaguely remember Bebe for her short-lived stint as frontwoman of Black Cards, Pete Wentz’s side project while on a hiatus from his day job. Whilst, Black Cards wasn’t to be her big break, Bebe wouldn’t have to wait long for opportunity to knock on her door. The singer penned Eminem and Rihanna’s 2013 smash “The Monster” in a Harlem studio,and the track went to number 1 in the US and UK singles charts, making her one of the hottest songwriters in the world. Bebe’s own haunting version below is well worth a listen.

Her songwriting credits read like a VMA guestlist. Bebe has written for/with Selena Gomez, David Guetta, Pitbull, Iggy Azalea and Nick Jonas to only name a few! Many would surely be contempt to keep cashing in the royalty cheques and enjoy a life of anonymity, but it’s plain to see Bebe is destined for bigger things. A feature on Cash Cash’s top 5 hit “Take Me Home” gave us a glimpse of what’s to come, and in the last 12 months the bar has been significantly raised. Her collab single with G-Eazy “Me, Myself & I” broke into the top-20 on both sides of the pond and her newest single, which sees Bebe partner up with superstar DJ Martin Garrix “In The Name Of Love” is currently climbing up the charts fast!

It feels like Bebe Rexha is about to become one of the biggest pop stars on the planet. Her vocals are always on point and her songwriting talents are proven beyond doubt. Now, can we have a UK tour, please?

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