Marianas Trench Guitarist Matt Webb Tells Us What He’s Been Listening To This Summer

Canadian pop-rockers Marianas Trench are heading out on their first ever UK tour later this month! We got guitarist and backing vocalist Matt Webb to make a playlist of the tunes he’s been jamming over the summer months and tell us a bit about why he digs them. There’re some serious bangers below. Enjoy!

Dagny – “Backbeat”

I stumbled upon this track while cruising Spotify the other day, and fell in love immediately.  Incredibly catchy chorus. I could listen to this 100 times over.  It has cool guitar work and a great lead vocal.

Jain – “Makeba”

Discovered this song while travelling in France this summer, reminds me of ripping down the French highways while unknowingly acquiring a plethora of speeding tickets.  I have no idea what she’s singing about, but it rhymes with breaking the law.

Jon Bellion – “Guillotine”

Super cool bass riff in the chorus, this song just makes me want to dance.  Lyrics are really clever as well, this is definitely one of my favourite songs over the last few months.

Calvin Harris – “This is What You Came For”

The ultimate pre-show, backstage dressing room dance party song.  I give Calvin Harris a ton of credit for consistently creating some really, really, fuckin’ catchy music.

Sting – “I Can’t Stop Thinking About You”

Brand new Sting track. I’m very stoked to hear him drifting back towards the ol’ Police sound.  I’ve always been a huge fan and had the pleasure of meeting this guy a while back, world class musician and human being.

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