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Liverpool Sound City 2014 – Photo Gallery

If you’ve never been to Liverpool Sound City then let us tell you – it’s full on. For 3 days (at the end of April/start of May) Liverpool becomes the place to be for all the hottest new bands that will be either household names or the very essence of cool by the end of the year. We’ve been hitching a ride to Liverpool for this awesome urban festival since it’s inception and it every year we go back, it’s bigger and better than the year before. This year over 360 artists played to more than 40,000 music fans in 25 of Liverpool’s best venues including Clean Bandit, Drenge, Action Bronson, Albert Hamond Junior and many, many more.

It was pretty special one for us  TicketWeb kids too. For the first time ever – we had own stage! Down the road from East Village Arts Club on Seel Street you swing a right to Wolstenholme Square which is the city’s hub for independent  music. Nestled in-between the now legendary Kazimier and dance mecca Cream is the pop-up venue that would be our party house for the first day of the festival – The Duke Street Garage. In addition to Brighton’s finest rock duo Blood Red Shoes and New Zealand’s awesome noise bandits DZ Deathrays we also hosted the freshest new talent the music industry has to offer including Ice Cream Cathedral, Mumiy Troll 7 the fantastic Slaves. Thankfully we had our man Sam Huddlestone on hand to take some shots on the night. Gorge yourself on this beautiful display of live music photography.

Bloodredshoes-LiverpoolSoundCity-Photo-SamHuddleston-2 - 600 x 400

 Blood Red Shoes‘ drummer Steven Ansell does his famous invisible drumstick illusion.

BloodRedShoes-LiverpoolSoundCity-TW-Photo-SamHuddleston--11 - 600 400


Blood Red Shoe’s Laura & Steve in moody mode.

DZDeathrays-LiverpoolSoundCity-TW-Photo-SamHuddleston--4 - 600 400


The amazing DZ Deathrays on top form at Duke Street Garage…


…moments later Shane set his hair on fire!


“How many shandies Anja?” Ice Cream Cathedral put their bar order in, mid-set.


Russian 80’s superstars Mumiy Troll show Liverpool how it’s done.


This was 2 seconds before Slaves’ Isacc went absolutely nuts. Awesome band.


Gentlemen love a TicketWeb party…


…as do the ladies…


…even Davina McCall lookalikes…


…over and out.


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