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Listen To this New Track By Lowkey And Collaborators

He's recorded the new track exclusively for Refugee Week...

Lowkey, the eminent UK hip-hop artist renowned for his political artistry and activism, is joined by Mozambican-born poet & MC Mohammed Yahya and Palestinian rappers EbsilJaz to share a story based on the real experiences of detainees at the notorious Yarl’s Wood detention centre.

The track is an exclusive collaboration recorded for Refugee Week, entitled Escape from Yarl’s Wood. It will be performed for the first time at what is sure to be a stunning hip-hop show at Koko, London marking 20 years of the festival on 24th June 2018. Grab tickets HERE

The infamous detention centre has become a key national rallying point for activists campaigning against allegations of human rights abuses and deportations of asylum seekers.

The collaborative song is based on real stories forming a conversation around a fictional woman detained in Yarl’s Wood, her husband, the translator and her lawyer, with an introduction by the character of her son who witnessed her arrest by the police. The lyrics reflect the emotional blow to families separated by a draconian immigration system and the severe personal impact of the deportation process. Listen to the track below. 

Lowkey has a reputation for political activism and radical internationalist narratives in his work, speaking in support of refugees and highlighting social injustices – including the  ‘Justice 4 Grenfell’ campaign. Local to the area where Grenfell Towers sits, Lowkey has been involved on the ground in the local community led campaign. In support, he has produced Ghost of Grenfell part I (ft. Mai Khalil). 

To mark the one-year anniversary of the tragedy, Lowkey released Part II yesterday. Watch the powerful video below… 

Lowkey is an artist of a generation, and for today. He shows us what music can do to document current political themes, hold those in power to account, but also how music can heal and transform lives.

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