Lisa Hannigan Made Us A Mixtape!

Irish singer-songwriter Lisa Hannigan is about to hit a host of festivals this summer on top of two warm-up shows in Brighton & Bristol! That means a lot of time in a van.  You’re going to need some pretty sweet driving tunes if you’re going to put down the big miles. Thankfully Lisa has the soundtrack covered and was good enough to share her tour bus mixtape with us! have a listen below…

Micachu & The Shapes – Oh Baby

I first heard this song a few weeks ago driving through Australia. It’s been on heavy rotation since.

Van Morrison – Linden Arlen Stole The Highlights

This is one of those beautiful tunes that is made for staring out a moving window to…

Timber Timbre – Hot Dreams
I am usually very anti Saxophone solos but the outro of this tune is one of my favourite pieces of music I’ve ever heard.

Kamasi Washington – Truth
And here I am with more Saxophone! I love this.

The National – The System only Dreams in Total Darkness
I’m lucky enough to be doing some singing on this record so I’ve been listening to the album for a while now. It’s extraordinary.

All Saints/ Boyz 2 Men/ TLC
One important category of tourbus tunes that seems to take over at 2am is that of ‘drunken childhood nostalgia’. Seeing as we were on tour with Saint Sister (who are both in their mid twenties) this time we were blasting 90s hits across Europe. Accompanied by wild dancing and wine swigging. I was generally in my bunk laughing along.

Paul Simon – Graceland
This falls into my own ‘Drunken Childhood Nostalgia’ category. I know and love every word and note.

Saint Sister – Madrid
Speaking of Saint Sister… Now I’m not on tour with them I’ve been listening to their music as I miss them.

This is the Kit – Spores all Settling
I love this band so much! It’s perfect music for moving, wondering, being on your own with people.

Caoimhín O Raghallaigh – What What What
For when you don’t want any words getting in the way of your own thoughts.

Check out Lisa Hannigan’s upcoming shows at

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