What Is Kanye West’s Best Album?

It's time to settle this...

Polarising, forward-thinking, sometimes annoying, definitely frustrating, but ultimately super-interesting, creative, great fun and perhaps a genius, Kanye West is an artist like no other. 

We want to know, what do you think is Kanye’s best album? Vote below! 



Fresh from Elon Musk-themed immersive event ‘Escape To Atlantis To Interzone’, Elixar Immersive presents ‘The Electoral College Dropout’, an immersive club night soundtracked by the music of Kanye West.

It’s U.S. Election Night, and Michelle Obama leads in the polls against President Donald Trump. A distant third is independent candidate Kanye West; despite his standing in the polls, his election night party is the hottest ticket in town. It looks like a straightforward win for Michelle, but all is not as it seems…

A club event playing the music, collaborations and productions of Kanye West

– Actors, live performances and spectacular decor & production

– Original story with a dramatic twist

It’s all going down at Electric Brixton, London on 5/11/2018. 

Tickets available from Wednesday 1 August HERE


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