Jess & The Bandits Made Us A Trans-Atlantic Tour Diary!

Under the Bridge – London

Getting on that stage is the ultimate payoff for about a years worth of locking ourselves away in writing rooms and studios. This was a fun one in London. Couldn’t believe how many people knew the words to the new songs and also how many new fans we made.

Lincoln –  (before the show)

It doesn’t happen often but it’s nice to be able to get out and about before gigs. This day we happened to get into town much quicker than expected so we had the whole day to ourselves. We walked around, had lunch, relaxed and then hit the stage that night. I sure wish that’s how it worked out all the time. It was definitely a treat that day!

Recording Studio – Nashville

Being on the road doesn’t mean we stop being creative. A lot of times, in the middle of it all, we have new music to make. As soon as our last tour was over we jumped on a plane and headed over to Nashville to start working on the new album. This was one of the first moments of silence I had for months and I just had a minute to reflect on everything that happened and was going to happen.

BBC Radio London – Gaby Roslin Show

When we are out on tour we love getting into the local radio station to play a song and have a chat. We always have a great time at BBC London with Gaby Roslin. She’s always so welcoming!!

Southern Fried Festival – Perth, Scotland

Putting on a great show and having fun on stage is the most important part of our job. If we don’t do that, then what’s the point?? Looking at this picture from Scotland just makes us so ready to get out on the road for our September tour!

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