Introducing: Anna Burch

Ever felt the urge to stop playing in other people's bands, break away and make a solo record? Detroit resident Anna Burch did and it's and indie gem!

The Sound

Deceptively simple lo-fi indie sounding like female-fronted Pavement or an even more laid back one-woman Best Coast. Titles like “2 Cool 2 Care” and “Asking 4 A Friend” reflect a throw-away humour that disguises some elegant takes on love and relationships all topped off with Burch’s honey-smooth vocals. Check out Anna’s latest video for the track “With You Every Day” below.

Anna Burch – With You Every Day

The Story

Having spent a number of years singing in folk-rock outfit Frontier Ruckus before co-fronting Failed Flowers Burch stepped away from music altogether taking up a place at grad school in Chicago. Following this foray into academia Anna moved to Detroit where a collection of solo material slowly began taking form. Egged on by friends Anna’s first compositions developed into fully developed songs through a drawn out process of tiny solo gigs and chance meetings with fellow musicians. The final product is the tremendous debut LP “Quit The Curse” which was released on Polyvinyl Records in early 2018.

Essential Tracks

Anna Burch – Tea-Soaked Letter

Anna Burch – 2 Cool 2 Care

Where can I see Anna Burch play live?

Anna Burch hits UK shores late August early September 2018. Check out all the dates below and get tickets for shows at  Gullivers (Manchester), The Hope (Brighton) & Moth Club (London) here.

Thursday 30 August – Gullivers, Manchester

Thursday 30 August – Sunday 02 September – End of the Road Festival 2018

Friday 31 August – Hyde Park Book Club, Leeds

Monday 03 September – The Hope & Ruin, Brighton

Tuesday 04 September – Moth Club, London


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