Interview: The Strypes

The Strypes have just released their second studio album Little Victories, a remarkable achievement for a band with an average age that would see them turned away from any American drinking establishment. They’re heading out on tour in September and October, including a huge night at KOKO in London on Oct 2 so we sat down for a quick catch up with the lads to see what they’ve been up to.

Hi The Strypes! How are we all?
We are all very well thanks.

Your new album Little Victories is out now! What can people expect from the new record?
It’s got 12 tracks, all new originals. Maybe it’s a bit more of a studio album than the first one, and there’s a few more tempo changes etc. but it’s still informed by the Blues. We hope it’s a progression.

Which of the new songs are you most looking forward to playing live?
Well we’ve been playing them live since January, whipping them into shape. We all have personal favourites, “Three Streets & A Village Green”, “Need To Be Your Only”, “Cruel Brunette”, “Scumbag City” are all fun to play.

You recently supported the Foo Fighters! What did you learn from watching Dave and co up close and personal?
The main thing was the energy they have. They just keep hitting you with song after song, no let up! That’s something we like to do anyway so we sort of felt vindicated. Also they were really nice lads and had time for everyone, which was great to see. It’s not just an image.

What are your plans for the rest of 2015?
We head out on tour on 23 September. We start with 2 dates in Ireland and then go around the UK for a couple of weeks. After that we have a European tour taking in Germany, France, Belgium and The Netherlands followed by a 2 week tour of Japan in November. So it’s nice and busy!

We asked your fans on Twitter for their questions! Here’s what they wanted to know…

Dogs or cats? This is a very important question
Mmm…This is so important that it’s impossible to choose between the two! Especially as in Ireland it’s always raining cats AND dogs!

Who is your favourite bass player?
There are many, Jack Bruce, John Entwistle, Bruce Thomas, Donald ‘Duck’ Dunn etc etc!

What would you do if your hands and feet turned into hooves for the day?
Enter the 4.30 at Ascot!

What’s your biggest ‘little victory’ you’ve ever had?
Probably getting this record out! We stuck to our guns about songwriting, artwork etc which are all very important to us, so yeah… that’s probably it!

Thanks guys!

Get tickets for all The Strypes’ gig HERE!

The Strypes headline KOKO, London on Oct 2. Tickets are available HERE
The lads will also be DJing Club NME at KOKO after the show and ticket holders can stay for free.



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