Interview: The Hoosiers

The Hoosiers first burst onto the scene in 2007 with two top ten singles and a number one album. After splitting from their record label in 2011 the band went out on their own, and released the impressive The News From Nowhere off their own backs. Now the group are currently gearing up for the release of new record, The Secret Service and are going on a big UK tour starting in October.

Hello The Hoosiers! How are you?
Very well thank you. We’re currently enjoying the sun soaked shores of LA (Rochelle) for Sammys wedding.

Your new album The Secret Service comes out in October! What can fans expect?
It’s a little more raucous than before: less synths and more guitars. And we recorded it live with less overdubbing etc. which was fun. We think the songwriting is still as good as it was; hope you agree.

Which songs from the new album are you most excited about playing live?  
All of them. But the up tempo tunes, like ‘The Wheels Fell Off’ will be fun.


Is it difficult to keep some of the earlier songs you play feeling fresh?
Yes. But we like to keep each other on our toes by playing out of time or in a different key. That keeps it fresh, if somewhat shit: It’s a trade-off

Being a great live band is obviously very important to you. Have you got any advice for bands starting out playing their first gigs?
As my PE teacher once said “practice makes perfect! NO! Perfect practice makes perfect”…?

What was the last really good gig you went to?
It’s been a while. The Flaming Lips are always astonishing…

If you could choose to play a sell-out gig anywhere in the world, where would you pick?
Probably Japan. It’s like playing on a different planet. And the food is incredible. Otherwise I hear Swindon is quite nice.


We asked people on Twitter if they had any questions and this is what they said.

What’s your go to song when practicing your instruments?
Superstition. Stevie Wonder. The grooviest track of all time.

What are the biggest changes (good/bad) being indie, as opposed to being on a major label?
Bad : no more free cabs.

Good : musical freedom.


You can check out all of The Hoosiers upcoming shows HERE


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