Interview: Rothwell

Rothwell came to our office to perform, we had a chat in the park before she blew us all away with an incredible show ...

Friday was the hottest day of the year so I decided to take Rothwell to the park for our interview. The Bristol-born, London-based singer-songwriter is crazy talented and an absolute delight! We chat dream collaborations, festival performances, summer drinks and of course Love Island.

After our pow wow in the park it was back over to the office for Rothwell’s performance. The brilliant Katie Sibley (Instagram: @sibleykatie) was on hand to take some photos of the gig.

Keep scrolling to read the interview and check out the snaps *Disclaimer – Rothwell did a costume change before playing – You’ll just have to trust this all happened on the same day … why would we lie???


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Describe your sound in 3 words

Rothwell: Sass Pop and fun …sassy poppy fun!

Are the current singles you’ve released going to make up an EP or are you building towards a debut album?

Gearing up for an album, aiming for 2019 – writing and releasing lots of singles and hopefully, it’ll all come together as an album for 2019.

I’m very excited – I don’t know what I’ll call it … maybe “I Hate Men”? (Laughs) – only joking, that’s a big joke.

Is that an underlying theme in the songs?

No not at all (winky Face).

Who is your dream collaboration?

I think John Mayor would be sick, he’s so good at writing lyrics but so would Paul Simon but so would Beyonce – across all boards!

So, latest release – Who left you at the party?

*Left Me At The Party

Who left you at the party though?

(Laughs) … No one …. I do write lots of my songs about things I go through and experience, the song’s more about the feeling you get when you don’t have the guts to go up and tell someone that you fancy them. It’s like (sings) “The one that got away” … at the end of every night (laughs) just kept on happening and I was like “come on girl you can do this” … still yet to do it.

Where did you get the inspiration for the video? It’s amazing

Well .. in my set there’s a story about an aubergine which is quite funny so we thought we should do something with aubergines and we like the concept of having flashing images and destroying sweet things because it’s quite a sad topic and quite a fun song – so it came from that and using lots of colour.

What was it like hearing your song “Velvet Heart” on Love Island?

Oh I lost my shit completely! (Laughs) – Genuinely did. One of my friends filmed me filming it and it’s so embarrassing I’m like “Oh my god, oh my god!” It was at a point where I think Adam had been a bit of a snake and then Eyal started snogging his missus and I was like “oh that’s me singing” haha that’s so lame isn’t it?

Nah it’s great that you’re a fan do you watch it religiously?

Oh yeah, course.

Who’s your favourite?

Dani Dyer is my favourite.

Yeah she’s legit

What’s your favourite summer drink?

Oooh an Aperol Spritz hands down, I could drink it by the litre.

You looking for that sponsorship deal?

(Laughs) wink wink, nudge nudge.

You played Isle Of Wight festival last weekend how was it?

It was amazing, I played there last year and I was on a bigger stage this year so it’s really fun to see the progression, we had a really good crowd and I stayed for the whole weekend and just lapped it all up it was wicked.

You’ve a few more festivals coming up are you excited to perform at them?

Very excited, it’s fun because you go and you’re like “this is my work ahh” you just get to go and have fun and it’s a really great opportunity to meet other musicians as well cuz everyone just chills out, you also get to see some of the people live who you’ve wanted to see for ages.

How does it differ from going to festivals as a punter?

The loo’s are the biggest difference hands down (laughs) you have to pee in a portaloo I’ve seen the other side, I know what it’s like to pee with a flush … how do I go back?

Do you have any festival tips for young fans?

I went to Glastonbury five years in a row with all my mates and we went on the Tuesday night, slept in the car so we’d get a good camping spot on the Wednesday morning and then left on Monday. I once slept all the way through a day (laughs) I got so tired I slept through the entire Friday but then I was back on it for the weekend.

Tip – always have face wipes with you because you can’t go wrong with being clean or as clean as you possibly can be … AND – take vodka in water bottles.

How does your festival set differ from an intimate venue performance?

When I do an intimate setting I’ll probably do a couple songs on the guitar whereas at a big festival you wanna keep the crowd sort of entertained and dancey as everyone’s probably had about 7000 ciders already by the time they see you sing. So it does mix up but not too drastically.

Why do you never see baby pigeons or goths driving cars?

Oh my god! I don’t know – OK baby pigeons are probably waiting in the nest til they’re big enough to fly and goths maybe don’t drive cars cuz its too mainstream like “that was so 2003” To be fair I don’t really see goths very often.

Certainly not driving cars anyway …

What can fans expect from your Camden Assembly show this week?

Poppy sassy fun! (laughs) Just a big old show – it’s really cool as it’s for the Warchild charity so it should be a really fun night.

Apart from next week’s London shows, what else do you have coming up?

I’m playing Latitude which is a big one – so I went there with my parents in a VW campervan a couple years ago … so cool … I was also like old enough to go with my friends but I went with my mum and dad (laughs) in bed by 11 every night LOVED IT! Haha

I’m also supporting Boyzone at Kew Gardens and it’s BYOB which is very exciting.

Oh yeah shit!, my next single is called “Stop Calling” and it’s out on the 10th of August – it’s a Friday WATCH THIS SPACE! (laughs).


Huge thanks to Ms. Rothwell for coming in you’re a legend!

You can see Rothwell perform live in London this week. Get tickets here: ticketweb.co.uk/rothwell

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