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We chat to the London songwriter/producer...

After dropping debut single “Paint It” at the tail end of last year, catching the ears of tastemakers and making fans across the globe, Richard Jahn is currently preparing for the release of his debut EP ‘DISPLAY:ORANGE’. Mixed and produced by the man himself, we cannot wait to get our ears around the record. The Londoner will be playing a show at Off The Cuff on 4 April, to celebrate the release. 

Ahead of the gig, we caught up with Richard to talk about the release, his favourite venues and what he’d do if he won a scratchcard. Enjoy! 

Photos by Kirsty McLachlan and Campfire. 

Can you tell us where in the world you are right now and what you’re up to?
I’m currently putting together the set for my debut headline show at Off The Cuff, 4th April. There’s a fairly nuts amount going into it. The live show feels more like a rock show, there is a lot of guitars and heavy synthesis to make thing that aren’t guitars sound like guitars. The live rig has taken me a few years to create, which allows me to play these songs in a live setting by myself. There’s a tonne of equipment on stage including 3 microphones, 2 synthesizers, guitar, soft synths, a melodica, drum machines, an SPD and harmonica in the set-up. The visual side of the show is insanely important, I work with a visual team comprised of James Rushton (director and visual artist) and Christian Schmitz (graphic designer) so the live show has both videography elements and motion-graphics components. 

Describe your sound in 3 words.

What was the last gig you went to?
I went to see Nick Hakim at Koko. It was bananas and ‘Green Twins’ was my favourite album of last year… hands down(/up). 

What’s your favourite venue you’ve played and why?
I played a 360 visual show at the Campfire HQ in Edinburgh. It’s not even a venue, they just kitted it out with an insane amount of visual equipment (LED walls and lazers that George Lucas would be jealous of…) It sold out twice over so I played two sets back to back, damn fun. 

Where do you like to go to find new music?
I still think word of mouth is still the best way, there’s a personal and social element that sidelines technology which is increasingly rare and special, me thinks anyway.

What’s the best thing you’ve ever got for free?
A hug (I’m getting more soppy as this goes on).

Outside of music who is your all-time hero?
My grandmother Maeve, she’s an incredibly inspiring woman, kind and gracious. She’s 91 years old and was an actress in the 1930s – she actually has the starring role in my first music video for ‘Paint It’ 

If you won £1000 on a scratch card what would you spend it on?
Probably a drum machine.

Apart from playing shows, what’s your favourite thing to do in your hometown?
I used to love walking my dog Crunchie (yes he was a badass and had a cool name) in the forest near my parents’ house. I don’t wanna make you cry but he passed away a year ago.

What UK festival would you most like to play and why?
Probably Reading Festival, though undeniably Glastonbury would be fighting for that spot too. I specifically remember standing in the crowd and thinking ‘damn, I’m guna make sure I play that stage one day’… I’ma keep going til someone’s stupid enough to let me. 

Richard Jahn is playing a headline show at London’s Off The Cuff to celebrate the release of his new EP ‘DISPLAY:ORANGE’. Tickets available now at www.ticketweb.co.uk/richardjahn 

You can find Richard on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

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