TicketWeb OTW 2016 Interview: Rat Boy


Rat Boy (real name Jordan Cardy) is fast becoming one of the most talked about artists in the UK. He landed one of the hottest tours of 2015 when he supported indie heartbreakers The 1975 on their triumphant return to the live circuit and dropped three singles, each one setting the internet abuzz and receiving plenty of love from Radio 1. Not bad for someone who was born in the same year that Take That split up and ‘Football came home’. We caught him at this year’s Community Festival and on the spot decided he had to be on our Ones To Watch list. I sat down with Rat Boy in December to find out what makes him tick.

One of the most striking and impressive things about Rat Boy is his commitment to how he’s perceived as an artist. He’s in control of everything about how he represents himself as a musician. The songwriting, the production, the artwork and music videos all come from him, so the first thing I wanted to get into was where that inspiration and spark comes from, “I’ve been skating since I was 12 so a lot of my influences are from skate videos,” Jordan says, “a lot of the music, stuff like Beastie Boys, The Clash and the whole scene around skating.”

It makes sense that someone into skate culture would be a dab hand at creating videos for themselves. 10 years ago it would have been difficult to create your own visuals, be that for skateboarding, music or otherwise. Now the ease of access to a good quality camera and editing software has empowered a new generation of film makers. “I’ve always made skate videos so I always like to be a part making of the music videos, trying to be hands on. I’d love to be able to make the videos and film them but I can’t be in it if I film it.” I suggest that’s a problem  when you’re trying to become a recognisable artist. “That’s a problem I’ve been having. I always make videos of my mates skating but I’m never in them!”


Rat Boy found himself the as main support act on The 1975’s November 2015 return tour, playing the biggest venues of his life to a fan-base who can be very intense. “That tour was sick, I loved it.” Judging from the reaction Rat Boy got on social media from that tour he wasn’t the only one. He estimated he was getting more than three hundred new followers a day on Instagram, opening himself up to a whole new fan base. Was he nervous about playing venues that size? “Hammersmith, was scary but London’s always wicked, I like playing in London.”

2016 looks set to be a good one for the Essex troubadour, there’s an album on the way which Jordan says is his main focus, putting production duties on himself. Does being part of the big music industry faze him? From what I can tell not at all, “I just enjoy doing it. I’ve always liked being creative. I like doing art and I like creating music so I’ll do it! It’s kind of more intense now because I get deadlines. I’ve never been given deadlines before. I haven’t missed any…..yet!”

And that’s where Rat Boy leaves us, not before drawing his own brand of artwork on one of our meeting room walls. Cheers Jordan!

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