Interview: Marsicans

This Thursday we’re teaming up with CloseUp Promotions to bring some of the most exciting new live bands in the country to Brighton town. Headlining the night is the excellent indie rock/noise pop quartet Marsicans. We speak to guitarist Oli below about Brighton, pre-gig rituals and more. Enjoy! 

Hey Oli! How are you today? 
Just polished off some profiteroles with a cup of tea so the answer is: good, thanks! Very good indeed. 

Can you describe your sound in 3 words? 
Dirty. Indie. Pop.

Apart from playing shows, what’s your favourite thing to do in Brighton town? 
Once I went to a really cool shop under the Madeira arches called Fishtail Neon and it’s basically a guy who makes all sorts of neon signs and lettering. I was lucky enough to catch him working on something. I was studying sculpture at the time so that whole process was fascinating to me. Also, the Madeira arches were kind of a famous landmark in our eyes because of the Jack Penate ‘Second, Minute or Hour’ video, so that was kinda cool to see for the first time.

Do you remember the first song you ever wrote? 
I remember the first songs we wrote when we first started playing together in high school. They were practically Arctic Monkeys rip-offs minus the lyrical prowess but we thought they were ace. We recorded some demo’s with my brother and they are still knocking around my hard drive somewhere. I’m just too scared to listen back.

Where do you discover new music? 
If one of us is really into something, we are usually quite keen to force it down the others’ necks so we show each other a lot of new stuff. We’re also good friends with a lot of bands, photographers and promoters so if anyone is raving about a band or artist they have been working with or whatever, I’m usually quite interested in checking them out. 

Name a song you are currently obsessed with and why? 
There’s a few essential ‘listen before I leave the house’ songs at the moment for me: Bombay Bicycle Club – ‘Lamplight’ because it’s funky and I gotta get those hips moving on a morning; Get Inuit – ‘Barbiturates’ because it’s a 4-minute emotional rollercoaster and by the end I’m queuing up to go on it again; lastly, Flyte – ‘Echoes’ because they are brilliant songwriters.

Can you name another artists song you would most like to cover and why? 
Abba – ‘Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!’ because we’ve got a keytar in the back of the van and it’s about time it had a bit of the limelight.

Any pre-gig rituals?
We usually sing to each other and pay each other morale-boosting compliments whilst doing various stretches and, once that’s over, we have this chant thing that sports teams would do in the dressing room before they head out. I can’t tell you what that is though, it’s a secret. 

Anything you want to shout about?
Yes, please. We’ve got a new single coming out on Feb 17 and it’s called ‘Friends’. It’s a real head-bopper so show it to a friend and come along to a show on our tour. We can all be friends together. 


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