Interview – Kathryn Williams & Michele Stodart

Kathryn Williams and Michele Stodart are two of the most accomplished musicians in the country. Michele is an integral part of the hugely successful The Magic Numbers and Kathryn found commercial success when her second album Little Black Numbers was nominated for the Mercury Prize.  They’re also really good friends, so are playing a a special joint headline show at St John’s Church in London in November. We spoke to Kathryn, and then decided to play a friendly game to see how well they know each other.

What was the first gig you ever went to?


There’s loads of Kathryn Williams fans at TicketWeb HQ and we’ve seen you play with a band and on your own. What can we expect from you this time around?

I’ll be playing my new album ‘Hypoxia’ with a kick ass band

How did you and Michele meet?

Our paths have crossed over the years… but Michele came and stayed here on tour. Then I invited her onto my writing retreat. Since then we are pretty much texting most days to make each other laugh

Can you send us a picture of what you’re doing right now?

I’m not technically minded

On this tour, you’re going to be playing in a book shop and a book festival; do you enjoy the atmosphere of those spaces? Also what are you reading at the moment?

Yes I love those atmospheres… the new album is based on The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath.. so it all kind of ties in. I’m reading as ‘I walked out one mid-summer morning’ by Laurie Lee, also the Amy Poehler book ‘Yes Please’.

You’re also playing in a church and a working men’s club, do you adapt your show for those differences spaces?

I like singing to people in rooms.

Last gig you attended that wasn’t your own?

Paul Smith at The Cluny in Newcastle supported by Devon Sproule and Nev Clay… all three were awesome.

What’s the biggest change you’ve seen over the course of your career in music?

I’ve been on my own label, on a major and now on an indie.

The biggest change has been the concept that music should be free and all the streaming that occurs now. Most of my peers are quitting. It’s a very tough time for artists at my level.

You’re contributed to a compilation paying tribute to Ewan MacColl, how did you get involved in that project and why’s it important for you especially.

I was asked by Neill MacColl – Ewan’s son, whom I had made a record with a few years ago. We met at The Barbican when I sang ‘The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face’ with him.

I was very happy to be asked.

Your last album “Hypoxia” came out in June, what song from that record has settled as your favourite and why?

There are 9 songs that all hold a special place in my heart. I’m especially touched by the smaller songs like ‘Beating Heart’ and ‘When Nothing Meant Less.’


How well does Kathryn know Michelle? We asked her to guess what Michelle would answer to the following questions.

What’s the one thing that Michelle would save in a fire?

K: Apart from family? Guitar
M: Other than family. I’d have to save my 1964 Gibson acoustic guitar.

What’s her favourite record?

K: Wow too many!Neil Young? After the Gold Rush? The Roaches?
M: There’s so many…  But will go for an all-time classic Joni Mitchell – Blue

What’s the name of her favourite celebrity crush?
K: Paul Rudd
M: Paul Rudd

What’s her favourite meal?
K: Vodka and fresh lime
M: Vodka / Lime & Soda

Who would play her in a movie of her life?
K: Helena Bonham Carter
M: Drew Barrymore or Christina Ricci


You can grab tickets to see Kathryn and Michele’s joint headline show in London HERE

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