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Interview: EO on His Success With ‘German’

Here's our chat with future superstar EO ...

Less than one year since launching his pop-music parody-loaded YouTube channel, 16-year-old EO’s fan-base spurred him on to make his own song. What ensued, was simultaneously unexpected and incredible. With snappy hooks and melodious flows, the video for ‘German’ produced by J Rocs, has now amassed over 6 million views, bringing the young South-Londoner to the forefront of, what is seemingly and ever-continuing, domination of popular, culturally-infused music.

We caught up with EO not long after the official release of German to talk about how it happened and what’s next for the budding star.

“I’m excited, I’m excited, everything is moving so fast and swiftly…so I’m excited for what the future holds” EO begins, before proceeding to explain how the record was conceived.

“With YouTube, I’ve always done parodies, like African parodies to popular songs like Cardi B and all those, you know. My fans could kinda’ tell…that I was quite musical, and they used to try and persuade me to try it out properly. I wasn’t too sure at first, but they kept getting on to me. Eventually, I was like, ok, and then, boom.” It worked. The persuasion of his now, 100,000+ YouTube subscribers wasn’t unwarranted. The video was released via GRM Daily towards the end of March and proved to instantly connect.

Likening ‘German’ to the recent chart takeover success of another young Londoner, Ramz, with his inescapable ‘Barking’ track competing with Drake’s ‘God’s Plan’ for a UK No.1 not long ago, it’s difficult to not draw comparisons between the two. As we progressed, EO then goes onto somewhat humorously recount the innocent, nascent, yet effective quest for a concept and beat for the song.

“German is the first track I’ve put out. I was at home looking for beats to make a song, and someone told me you need to be quite commercial, and didn’t really understand what that meant. Commercial, isn’t that like adverts and that? Like cars. So I was like hey, C’mon, I’m gonna’ rap about cars. Then I found the Barking beat, and it just flowed nicely on that…

I recorded it on that beat in August I think before Barking came out. I wanted to put it out with a music video and stuff, but then the team I was working with were just too slow, and next thing you know, someone sends me the Barking song, and I was like oh..my..god.., I wanted to cry” he laughingly states.

“We posted the song on my YouTube channel, then it got some attention, but then after that, my manager now (not at the time) heard it and hit me up like you wanna remake the song with a proper producer and that? I was like yeah. Then that’s when I went to the studio with J Rocs.

We shot the video like a week and a half after we recorded the song. Boom. Then we posted it a few days after.” The rest was history. Not only has ‘German’ propelled EO to the heights of a current swinging UK music scene, but it will be his Ace of Spades to play when it comes to the fast-approaching festival season, in which we can expect to hear a few more sounds alongside some of EO’s first-ever performances.

 His mention of new music tied in nicely to my final question, given the fact that a day earlier, he had dropped some piercing bars on a Mixtape Madness freestyle video (Below). He addressed it with the utmost insouciance.

“When they hear songs like German and Barking type of songs, the afro-swing type of songs they’re like, ahh it’s just another one of those, he can’t actually rap, blah blah…So I put that

out to show that I actually have lyrical skills. Some of my influences, you know, like Not3s, he’s wavy, J Hus, Dave, MoStack, these are the type of guys I take inspiration from.”

With already a sure-to-be summer anthem in his locker, an established YouTube fan-base, and overseas bookings flying in, Summer 2018 is shaping up to be an unforgettable one for EO. Let’s see what he brings us next.

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